Wave 3 Skylanders now in stock at Amazon.com

Wave 3 Skylanders - Prism BreakThe big dog now has Wave 3 Skylanders. That’s right Amazon.com sent out a press release today announcing that all wave 3 Skylanders are now in stock (in the US). However, there list of available Skylanders is either wrong, wishful thinking, or already sold out of some of them. None of the swapable characters seem to be available (yet? or anymore?), nor any of the lightcores, nor any of the new Triple Packs. The five core characters are available though as well as the battle pack and adventure pack.

What was available (at the writing of this article):

It’s hard to say if the rest of them will just appear in the next couple days, or if we’ll have another long wait to find them on Amazon. Either way if you’ve been waiting on Amazon to get them in, you can now grab some of them. Keep tabs on Amazon’s page of Wave 3 characters here:

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Silver Heavy Duty Sprocket Pre-order at Best Buy

Silver Heavy Duty SprocketA new Silver Heavy Duty Sprocket will be available at Best Buy starting on 1/12/2014 (This Sunday). It is rumored to be a Best Buy exclusive, but nothing on the Best Buy web page shows this. In the past these special colored variants have been vary limited. Also note that colored variants do not look different in game. It is only a rare paint job for the figure. The figure is listed at $9.99 but remember if you are a Gamers Club Unlocked member you will save %20 and get the character for $7.99. If you are a collector who is interested in these rare Skylanders you can jump on this deal now by pre-ordering this character through Best Buy here:

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Wave 3 Swap Force Release List

Wave 3 Swap Force Stink BombIt’s been long rumored what characters for Wave 3 Swap Force might contain for the US, but based on some stores getting in a very few characters before Christmas, it looks like a widespread Wave 3 release is right around the corner. Here is a list of what is rumored to be in Wave 3 and those characters that have already appeared on store shelves for a very brief period of time. I have personally seen all of the core Skylanders as they were released to Toys R Us first. I have heard rumors that Target had the three Swapable Skylanders, but I have not seen them, and I have heard nothing of the lightcores or other packs actually being in the wild yet.

Update: It appears that once again Toys R Us has priority. As of Tuesday 1/7/14, I have seen all of the Wave 3 Skylanders at my local Toys R Us as they just got a new shipment. A quick look online does not show any Wave 3 characters at any other retailers yet including Amazon.


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Skylanders Day at GameStop 1/11/2014

Skylanders DayGameStop has announced that Saturday January 11th will be another “Skylanders Day”. For one day only customer’s can take advantage of some special promotions such as:

  • The first 25 customers will receive an exclusive Skylanders Poster.
  • Free Skylanders Mini for every $20 spent on Skylanders products. (Giant versions pictured)
  • All Swap Force Starter Packs will be $20 off.
  • Save 50% off any Skylanders Accessory.
  • Save $10 off any Swap Force Starter pack when trading in any previous Skylanders Portal.
  • 30% extra trade in credit towards any Swap Force Starter Pack.

There is no mention of having any new Wave 3 Skylanders, but hopefully this sale will also see the release of a few new characters. I think they did this same thing last year right after some new characters were released. For more information checkout GameStop’s webpage here:

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Cheap Skylander Stuff at Target

Cheap Skylander StuffI was browsing my local Target yesterday when I noticed that they had some cheap Skylander stuff in their $1 bins near the front entrance. Some of it was actually $1 while a few items were priced at $3. All of them would be great for the Skylander child in your family. Here is a list of what I saw.


  • A pack of three Skylander Roller Stamp markers. $1 (pictured)Cheap Skylander Stuff Socks
  • A pack of Skylanders colored markers. $1 (not pictured)
  • A pack of Skylander pencils. $1 (not pictured)
  • A Skylander wallet. $1 (pictured)
  • Skylander Socks child size 6-8. $1 a pair (pictured)
  • Skylander Tatoos. $1 (not pictured)
  • A pack of Skylander stickers. $1 (not pictured)
  • Skylander Lenticular Journal Set. $3 (pictured)
  • Skylander Stationary Pack including 2 notebooks, ruler, 2 pencils, an erasure and a pencil case. $3 (not pictured)
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