Swap Force Wave 4 Release Rumors

Wave 4 Trap ShadowAs you know, I recently ran into the two new swapable Skylanders: Freeze Blade, and Trap Shadow at a local Toys R Us. After this I searched the web a little bit and caught wind of a bunch of new possible wave 4 Skylander sitings. Most of these centered around Walmarts in different states. So I took to the stores today to do a little reconnaissance and…no luck. No characters, no information. None of the employees had any idea when new Skylanders would arrive. However, judging by the number of sitings from people on reddit, Wave 4 Freeze Bladein other parts of the country, it’s obvious that we are just weeks, if not days from a wide spread roll out of wave 4 characters. So here are the Swap Force characters that seem to be headed for Wave 4.


New Core

  • Fryno (Possibly first to Walmart)
  • Scratch (Possibly first to Walmart)

New Series 3

New Lightcore

Springtime Chars (rumored 4/6 release date)

Keep in mind that this is still just speculation. More characters could be added should they start showing up on store shelves, in the next couple of weeks. If anything changes, I will update this article.

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