Battlecast Tech Elemental Cards

There are 28 Tech Elemental Cards in Skylanders Battlecast, consisting of spell cards, relic cards and gear cards.

Non-colored cards represent non-collected cards and will be replaced once collected.

Battlecast Tech Element Cards
BombreroCog of WarRummageShort CircuitSkylithium Surge
About to BlowBackblastMobile GeneratorVirtual RamArkeyan Battle Armor
Bowl of BoomMerchant of MenaceSabotageCopycatHaywire
JackpotKrankcase's CagePut a Gun on ItRe-FuseStarting From Scrap
Call To ArmsDo You Feel LuckyForcefield GeneratorSurprise-a-TechGalvanic Armor
Power PummelWarly BirdsThe Double-izer
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