Battlecast Water Elemental Cards

There are 28 Water Elemental Cards in Skylanders Battlecast, consisting of spell cards, relic cards and gear cards.

Non-colored cards represent non-collected cards and will be replaced once collected.

Battlecast Water Element Cards
Amulet of HealingJellyfish SquallRustSnow BlindXL500 Scope
Can of KelpFlash FloodGo FishHealing RainHook Shot
Splish SplashBattlecast Water 12 Douse SilverElectric EelEverflowing FountainKraken's Beak
Paralyzing InkShark AttackTangled KelpTraptanium ArrowMermasquid Buckler
Stink or SwimTrick ShotWaterfallChill Bill's CoolerRide The Wave
Tidal WaveWhale WhompIce Storm
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