Welcome to SkylanderNutts.com, your “Portal of Knowledge”. We created SkylanderNutts.com for basically two reasons. First, we are a family who is crazy about Skylanders and we want to give people knowledge they may not already have. This might be in the form of a special edition character that you didn’t know about like how  Enchanted Hoot Loop can only be bought at Wal-Mart, or maybe in the form of which Skylanders have been released in Wave 2. We want to also show a lot of videos of hands on impressions, gameplay, and reviews so join us at our YouTube channel for more videos.

The second reason the site exists is to let people know where they can get Skylanders at a good price. It pains me to see people buy a new Swap Force character at Toys R Us for $16.99 when they are just as easily found anywhere else for the suggested price of $14.99. However, Toys R Us can also run deals where you can buy one and get one 40% off when know one else runs the same sale. So at that point if you were looking to purchase multiple pieces, that would be a good deal even at the slightly higher price. Toys R Us has had this deal every release since Skylanders Swap Force was released. I’ve bought almost all of my characters from there despite the higher regular price. However, I always buy the games from Best Buy because I save 20% there with the Gamers Club membership. I’d buy my characters there too if I could, but their pre-order system is crap and they are very unreliable when it comes to which characters and how many each store will get when they do come out. Toys R Us is also always a couple weeks earlier than all retailers when it comes to character releases after launch.

One last piece of information about the site. We launched it shortly after the Swap Force video game so most of our videos, reviews and gameplay footage comes from the Swap Force game and on. If you would like to see anything specific from the older games, just let us know, I have no problem going back to replay the older games or take a look at older characters. We also like to keep up on the other collectible items and trinkets that seem to come out with each game.

Enjoy the site. Feel free to engage in comments, subscribe to our channel on YouTube, follow us on Google PlusFacebook, Twitter, and now Pinterest or e-mail us at Nutts@SkylanderNutts.com. Most importantly, Have Fun!

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