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We all know Skylanders won’t last forever. In 2017 Activision announced that there would not be another “core” game in the franchise for this year. Some think that may mean the end of the Skylanders Franchise, but I think we’ll see more games. We are without a doubt huge fans of the Skylanders series, and for the foreseeable future we will continue to collect unbox and play all games Skylanders.

The fact remains though, that the games are slowing down and both boys are getting older. Skylanders was the first game for both of them. However, their taste in games are changing and there are a lot of other games that they play. So we’ve decided to take some of that extra time from the lack of Skylander games and put it into some new games that the boys have interest in.

The first of these games seems to be a big hit with the boys right now. It’s called Portal Knights, and seems to be a great mix between Minecraft and Terraria, two of the boys favorite games. We will keep this page updated with links to our YouTube Playlists for those non Skylander games that we end up playing. So check back from time to time to see what other games we are playing.

YouTube Playlist
YouTube Play List
YouTube Play List
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