Giants Characters

Here is a list of all of the Giants Characters. These are in game named released characters.

All Giants Characters
Bash Series 2BouncerLegendary BouncerChillLightcore Chill
Legendary Lightcore ChillChop Chop Series 2CrusherGranite CrusherCynder Series 2
Double Trouble Series 2Royal Double TroubleDrill Sergeant Series 2Dragonfire Cannon Battle PackDrobot Series 2
Lightcore DrobotEruptor Series 2Lightcore EruptorEye BrawlEye Small
Flameslinger Series 2FlashwingJade FlashwingFright RiderGill Grunt Series 2
Hex Series 2Lightcore HexHot DogMolten Hot DogHot Head
Ignitor Series 2Legendary IgnitorJet-VacLightcore Jet-VacLegendary Jet-Vac
Lightning Rod Series 2NinjiniMini-JiniScarlet NinjiniPop Fizz
Lightcore Pop FizzPunch Pop FizzPrism Break Series 2Lightcore Prism BreakScorpion Striker Battle Pack
ShroomboomLightcore ShroomboomSlam Bam Series 2Legendary Slam BamSonic Boom Series 2
SprocketSpyro Series 2Stealth Elf Series 2Legendary Stealth ElfStump Smash Series 2
SwarmTerrafin Series 2ThumpbackThumplingGiants Triple Pack 1
Giants Triple Pack 2Giants Triple Pack 3Giants Triple Pack 4Giants Triple Pack 5Giants Triple Pack 6
Giants Triple Pack 7Giants Triple Pack 8Giants Triple Pack 9Giants Lightcore Triple PackGiants Legendary Triple Pack
Tree RexGnarly Tree RexBarkleyTrigger Happy Series 2Whirlwind Series 2
Polar WhirlwindWrecking Ball Series 2Zap Series 2Zook Series 2

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