Giants Characters

Here is a list of all of the Giants Characters. These are in game named released characters.

All Giants Characters
Giants Characters
Bash Series 2BouncerLegendary BouncerChillLightcore Chill
Legendary Lightcore ChillChop Chop Series 2CrusherGranite CrusherCynder Series 2
Double Trouble Series 2Royal Double TroubleDrill Sergeant Series 2Drobot Series 2Lightcore Drobot
Eruptor Series 2Lightcore EruptorEye BrawlEye SmallFlameslinger Series 2
FlashwingJade FlashwingFright RiderGill Grunt Series 2Hex Series 2
Lightcore HexHot DogMolten Hot DogHot HeadIgnitor Series 2
Legendary IgnitorJet-VacLightcore Jet-VacLegendary Jet-VacLightning Rod Series 2
NinjiniMini-JiniScarlet NinjiniPop FizzLightcore Pop Fizz
Punch Pop FizzPrism Break Series 2Lightcore Prism BreakShroomboomLightcore Shroomboom
Slam Bam Series 2Legendary Slam BamSonic Boom Series 2SprocketSpyro Series 2
Stealth Elf Series 2Legendary Stealth ElfStump Smash Series 2SwarmTerrafin Series 2
ThumpbackThumplingTree RexGnarly Tree RexBarkley
Trigger Happy Series 2Whirlwind Series 2Polar WhirlwindWrecking Ball Series 2Zap Series 2
Zook Series 2
Giants Battle Packs
Dragonfire Cannon Battle PackScorpion Striker Battle Pack
Giants Triple Pack
Giants Triple Pack 1Giants Triple Pack 2Giants Triple Pack 3Giants Triple Pack 4Giants Triple Pack 5
Giants Triple Pack 6Giants Triple Pack 7Giants Triple Pack 8Giants Triple Pack 9Giants Lightcore Triple Pack
Giants Legendary Triple Pack

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