Tree Rex

Tree Rex
Be Afraid of the Bark!"

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Long ago before the Giants protected Skylands, Tree Rex was a majestic tree living peacefully in the ancient woods. But this tranquil peace came to an end when the Arkeyans built a nearby factory to produce war machines. After years of his soil being poisoned by the magic and tech waste from the factory, he mutated into who he is now - a powerful Giant who will crush anything that threatens the natural order of things.

Tree Rex is a new Life element Giant Skylander debuting in Giants. He has one other variant in Gnarly Tree Rex, and one sidekick called Barkley.

He was the main Giant character released in each of the starter packs and portal owner's packs for all systems. Therefore he was never released separately.

Meet Tree Rex


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:140  Max Health430
Defense: 130  Speed20
Speed:55  Armor24
Luck:55  Critical Hit40
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Shockwave SlamPress Attack 1 to slam the ground with massive fists, causing shockwaves.Free
Sequoia StampedePress and hold Attack 2 to charge through enemies and obstacles.Free
Photosynthesis CannonPress Attack 3 to harness the power of the sun and shoot light beams.500 Gold
Big Thorn Shockwave SlamHold Attack 1 for a bigger, more powerful Shockwave Slam700 Gold
Super StampedeSequoia Stampede attack does increased damage.900 Gold
Treefolk TripleshotPhotosynthesis Cannon fires triple burst shots. Prerequisite: Photosynthesis Cannon1200 Gold
Treefolk Charger Path
Titanic Elbow DropPress Attack 1 while charging to perform one serious elbow drop move.1700 Gold
LightfootedCharge longer and faster, doing more damage in the process.2200 Gold
Ultimate StampedeSequoia Stampede attack does maximum damage3000 Gold
Lumbering Laserer Path
Super-Charged VaporizerHold down Attack 3 to charge up the Photosynthesis Cannon for more damage.1700 Gold
Sun SkewerPhotosynthesis Cannon blasts through enemies and explodes for more damage.2200 Gold
The Pod MakerVaporized enemies turn into exploding plant pods. Prerequisite: Super-Charged Vaporizer3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Woodpecker PalA woodpecker buddy joins Barkley in battle.4000 Gold

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