"Hail to the Whale!"

Thumpling was one of the four special "sidekick" characters released by Activision through their second promotion with Frito-Lay. He is the miniature of Thumpback. Fans who collected UPC symbols from specially marked bags of Frito-Lay 20-count variety packs, could send away for these side kicks for just a few dollars shipping. The character is NOT a controllable Skylander in game, but will show up in the "Giants" and "Swap Force" games to fight next to one of the main characters when placed on the portal. He is treated more like a magic item where he supports any other character that the player is using. Unlike magic items, a sidekick does not expire after a time limit.

The orange base Thumpling can now only be obtained used or through a reseller, however a red base Thumpling will be re-released for Skylanders Trap Team.

Thumpling and 15 other minis will become playable in Trap Team. Thumpling will be packaged with Gill Runt but no release date has been given.

Meet Thumpling w/ Brawl and Chain (Trap Team)


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:90  Max Health270
Defense: 90  Speed50
Speed:100  Armor6
Luck:100  Critical Hit50
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Anchor AssaultPress Attack 1 to swing Thumpling's anchor at enemies. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 1 for a special combo!Free
Belly FlopPress Attack 2 to dive into a belly flop, damaging enemies.Free
A Whale of a ChompPress Attack 3 for a big, whalesized chomp.500 Gold
Slippery BellySlide longer after a belly flow and do increased damage.700 Gold
The Whalest ChompBigger, most powerful Whale Chomp attack.900 Gold
Now There's an Anchor!Increases Anchor Assault's damage.1200 Gold
Anchor's A-Yay! Path
Thumpling CombosPress Attack 1, Attack 1, and HOLD Attack 2 for Power Swing. Press Attack 1, Attack 1 and HOLD Attack 3 for Whirlpool Ripper.1700 Gold
Bermuda TriangleIncrease the power of the Whirlpool Ripper combo attack. Prerequisite: Thumpling Combos.2200 Gold
Ultimate AnchorBest anchor you can find! Does maximum damage.3000 Gold
Up Close and Personal Path
Breakfast in BedWhile Belly sliding, press Attack 3 to chomp enemies.1700 Gold
Armor of the SeaSeashells make for better armor.2200 Gold
Bad SushiHold the Attack 3 button to release a stream of projectile water vomit, damaging enemies.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
BlowhardWhile belly sliding, press Attack 1 to spray water and starfish.4000 Gold

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