"It's Crush Hour!"

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Crusher knew from the moment he put on his father's mining helmet that his true passion in life was crushing rocks. He was fascinated with rock-lore and traveled all throughout Skylands in search of rare minerals to pulverize with his powerful hand-crafted rock hammer, which is also named Crusher. But along his travels, he discovered that the evil Arkeyan King was also searching for rocks-to melt down into weapons of war. Crusher's fury built up like an avalanche. After all, crushing was his job! So he put aside his life's passion and decided to use his hammer for a greater purpose- crushing Arkeyan Robots.

Crusher is a new Earth element Giant debuting in Skylanders Giants. He has one other variant which also appears in Skylanders Giants: Granite Crusher.

He was a Wave 1 release Giants character and was only sold individually.

Meet Crusher


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 140  Max Health470
Defense:140  Speed20
Speed: 50  Armor24
Luck:60  Critical Hit40
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Crusher's CrusherPress Attack 1 to swing the big hammer, also named "Crusher"Free
Turn to StonePress Attack 2 to shoot eye beams that turn enemies to stone.Free
Ground GrinderHold Attack 1 to hit the ground so hard that it makes a crack in the ground that damages enemies.500 Gold
RockslidePress Attack 3 to break apart into boulders running over anything in their path.700 Gold
Super CrusherHammer does increased damage.900 Gold
Cavelight BlastWhile holding Attack 2, press Attack 1 to launch a pulse of energy that damages enemies.1200 Gold
Rock Grinder Path
Crusher CombosPress Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 2 for Hammer Throw. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 3 for 360 Spin.1700 Gold
Hammer DaddyHammer takes the face of Crusher's father and does increased damage.2200 Gold
Triple Ground GrinderHold Attack 1 to hit the ground and make three cracks appear to damage enemies.3000 Gold
Rubble Master Path
Controlled RockslideControl the direction of your Rockslide attack. Prerequisite: Rockslide1700 Gold
Boulder BombsWhile in a Rockslide, press Attack 1 to detonate bombs. Prerequisite: Rockslide2200 Gold
Bedrock ArmorSpecial rock from deep within the earth provides increased armor.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Rockslidin' Out!Hold Attack 3 to steer Rockslide boulders around. Prerequisite: Rockslide4000 Gold

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