Zap Series 2

Zap Series 2
"Ride the Lightning!"

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Zap was born into the royal family of water dragons, but a riptide washed him to a distant sea, where he was raised by electric eels. Growing up, he excelled in everything and even created a special gold harness that allows him to carry an endless electrical charge and shock things at a great distance. Zap also proved to be a gifted racer, outstripping any opponent... with the possible exception of the dolphins. With them, it became a good natured challenge to see who could keep up with Zap. But an electric current in his wake often reminded them who they were dealing with. Despite his mischievous streak, Zap grew to be a true protector of the seas and Skylands.

Zap Series 2 is a Water Skylander appearing in Giants. His only other counterpart was the original Zap from Spyro's Adventure.

Zap Series 2 was released as part of the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack in Wave 3 of Skylanders Giants. He was never released individually or as part of a triple pack making him one of the harder Giants Skylanders to find.

Meet Zap Series 2


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 55  Max Health260
Defense:80  Speed50
Speed: 80  Armor24
Luck:70  Critical Hit30
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Lightning BreathPress Attack 1 to spit out pure electricity.Free
Sea Slime SlideHold Attack 2 to slide on a trail of sea slime that enemies will become stuck in.Free
Electro-SlimeShoot Sea Slimes to electrify them and shock enemies.500 Gold
Stay AwhileSea Slimes stay electrified for much longer.700 Gold
MegavaoltLightning Breath attack does increased damage.900 Gold
Wave RiderPress Attack 3 to summon a giant wave to wash away enemies. Hold Attack 3 to ride the wave.1200 Gold
Tesla Dragon Path
Lightning Strikes TwiceLightning Breath bounces off enemies objects and walls. 1700 Gold
Electric WaveWave attack does increase damage.2200 Gold
Tesla StormLightning Breath attack does even MORE increased damage.3000 Gold
Slime Serpent Path
Strength in NumbersCreate more Sea Slimes.1700 Gold
Charged With PunishmentAutomatically electrify all Sea Slimes.2200 Gold
More Electro'd SlimeEnemies take MORE damage when stuck in electrified Sea Slimes.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Love for the SeaZap regenerates health when swimming in water.4000 Gold
Wow Pow!
For Riley!While riding a wave, press Attack 2 to make a big splash.5000 Gold



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