Hex Series 2

Hex Series 2
"Fear the Dark!"

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Long ago, Hex was a gifted and powerful sorceress who traveled deep into the underworld to confront the Undead Dragon King named Malefor, who made several attempts to capture her to learn her secrets. Though she successfully battled the dragon, Hex returned from the underworld changed – having unwillingly joined the ranks of the Undead. Many are wary of her since her transformation, suspecting she has used her powerful magic for evil purposes. But Eon trusts her, and views her as a valuable Skylander ally.

Hex Series 2 is an Undead Skylander appearing in Giants. She has two other variants: Hex (Spyro's Adventure), and Lightcore Hex (Giants).

Hex Series 2 was released as part of Wave 2 of Skylanders for Giants. She was also included in a Wave 5 triple pack with Slam Bam Series 2 and Shroomboom, however this pack was not released in the US. Her individual character can still be found in stores.

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