Eye Brawl

Eye Brawl
"I've Got My Eye On You!"

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Throughout history, there have been many epic battles, though none more bizarre than the legendary brawl between the headless giant and the infamous flying eyeball. It all started with a staring contest, but with the headless giant having no eyes and the flying eyeball unable to blink, it soon escalated into an all out war as the two rivals fought fiercely throughout the land of the Undead for over a hundred years! With neither opponent down, the two combatants were eventually struck with the realization that if they were to combine their formidable powers, they would be a force to be reckoned with. By teaming up, the infamous flying eyeball and the headless giant became known as Eye-Brawl, one of the most powerful Skylanders ever known.

Eye Brawl is a new Undead Giant Skylander debuting in Giants. He has one other variant: Pumpkin Eye Brawl, and one sidekick: Eye Small.

Eye Brawl was released in Wave 3 for Giants and can still be found in stores today.

Meet Eye-Brawl


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 140  Max Health430
Defense:140  Speed20
Speed: 100  Armor30
Luck:45  Critical Hit50
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
HaymakerPress Attack 1 to throw some heavy punches. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 1 for a special combo.Free
Eye FlyPress the Attack 2 button to detach the eyeball and fly around. While flying, press Attack 1 to shoot eye lasers.Free
An Eye in TeamPress Attack 3 to summon more eyeballs from the earth to attack enemies.500 Gold
Awesome Occu-BlastEye laser has a faster rate of fire.700 Gold
The PummelerPunch attacks do increased damage.900 Gold
Headless, Not HelplessWhile flying the eyeball, his headless body punches continuously.1200 Gold
Eye Brawler Path
Eye-Brawl CombosPress Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 2 for Eye Ball Spin. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 3 for 360 Spin.1700 Gold
Ultimate PummelerMelee attacks do additional damage.2200 Gold
Beats an Eye PatchNew armor provides additional protection.3000 Gold
Eye for an Eye Path
Asserting IndependenceEyeball can now fly faster and for a longer duration1700 Gold
Eye-CrawlersWhen enemies are hit with eye lasers, eyes form around the point of impact.2200 Gold
Bouncy Bouncy!While flying the eyeball, press Attack 3 to bounce the eye on the ground.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!Hold Attack 1 to charge up Eye Small's eye, release to pop it off the body, smashing directly ahead.4000 Gold

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