Punk Shock

Punk Shock
"Amp it Up!"

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Daughter to the most royal family in Wondrous Waters, Punk Shock never really accepted her role as an undersea princess. She preferred a much more exciting life - hunting with her electric crossbow and listening to super-charged music. After journeying to the outer reaches of her kingdom to find adventure, Punk Shock returned home to discover adventure had found her. The kingdom and its people were magically frozen by the Snow Trolls, who were there to steal valuable treasure. Punk Shock used her awesomely charged crossbow to single handedly defeat the Snow Troll army and melt the ice that trapped her kingdom. Gill Grunt heard of the battle and quickly recruited Punk Shock into the Skylanders.

Punk Shock is a new Water Skylander debuting in Swap Force.

She was released with Wave 4 Skylanders around Easter.

Punk Shock Unboxing


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 100  Max Health270
Defense:100  Speed43
Speed: 80  Armor12
Luck:70  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Spark ShotPress Attack 1 to shoot an electrified bolt. Shoot a Splash Bomb puddle to cause that area to become electrified.Free
Splash BombPress Attack 2 to throw a larger water balloon that makes a puddle where it lands. Shoot the puddle with Spark Shot to electrify it.Free
Spark SplashPress Attack 3 to perform a tail attack that shocks nearby enemies. There is a short wait before this ability can be used again.500 Gold
High BoltagePress Attack 1 to shoot high powered crossbolt attacks that do increased damage.700 Gold
OHMGPress Attack 1 to shoot electric crossbow bolts that branch out and hit enemies in a larger area.900 Gold
HyperchargedIncrease movement speed.1200 Gold
Conductor Constructor Path
H2ThrowPress Attack 2 to throw two additional water balloons. All water balloons last longer.1700 Gold
Troubled WatersAll Water balloon attacks do increased damage.2200 Gold
Bolting BlobHold Attack 2 to throw a balloon into the air, release to zap it and electrify all enemies in a very large area.3000 Gold
Eelectrocutey Path
Positively ChargedShoot three Starfish at once.1700 Gold
It HertzEnemies damaged by electrified water take increased damage.2200 Gold
Re-Volting ShockHold Attack 3 to tail slap nearby enemies into the air.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
EelectrocuteHold Attack 1 to charge a powerful crossbow attack, release to shoot all enemies around you!4000 Gold

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