Enchanted Star Strike

Enchanted Star Strike
"Shoot For the Stars!"

Enchanted Star Strike Retailers

Looking for a way to magically banish the Skylanders, Kaos poured through every dusty scroll and ancient tome he could find. Upon stumbling across a rare and extremely powerful spell, he began to recite its words. However, he sneezed midway through the incantation. As a result, instead of sending the Skylanders far away, Star Strike was plucked from her home in the distant cosmos and brought into Skylands. Surprised, Kaos thought he’d won a powerful new ally in the mysterious and reserved Star Strike. But she knew evil when she saw it and promptly unleashed her fierce magical powers on him. Word of her victory over Kaos spread quickly and she was soon asked by Master Eon to join the Skylanders.

Enchanted Star Strike is a limited variant of Star Strike appearing in Swap Force. She has one other variation appearing in Swap Force: Lightcore Star Strike.

No release date or retailer information is yet known about Enchanted Star Strike. It is rumored that this would be another Walmart exclusive since they also have the limited version Enchanted Hoot Loop.

Enchanted Star Strike Unboxing


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 90  Max Health260
Defense:80  Speed43
Speed: 80  Armor12
Luck:80  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Star GatePress Attack 1 to summon a powerful star that attacks nearby enemies then returns. Reflect the returning star with Attack 2 to power it up and do more damage.Free
Cosmic TwirlPress Attack 2 to perform a magical spin, reflecting any projectiles nearby. Free
StarfallPress Attack 3 to cause stars to fall and damage nearby enemies. Press Attack 2 to deflect the stars at enemies that are farther away,500 Gold
Star Filled SkyPress Attack 3 to cause even more stars to fall and damage nearby enemies. Prerequisite Starfall700 Gold
Your Biggest FanPress Attack 2 to spin and reflect projectiles. Spin radius in now increased, making it more likely to deflect projectiles and power up the star.900 Gold
Star PowerPress Attack 1 rapidly to shoot star shards at enemies that do increased damage.1200 Gold
Star Gazer Path
Star LightStarfall now causes a massive explosive star to fall from the sky. Press Attack 2 to deflect it at enemies.1700 Gold
Star StruckPress Attack 3 to cause powerful stars that do increased damage to fall and damage nearby enemies.2200 Gold
Star BrightStarfall can be used two times.3000 Gold
Cosmic Reflector Path
Atom SplitterPress Attack 1 to shoot a star projectile. Press Attack 2 when it is close to deflect it and shoot two smaller projectiles.1700 Gold
Star EvasionArmor is increased.2200 Gold
Super StarPress Attack 1 to shoot a star projectile. Press Attack 2 when it is close to deflect it. Deflecting it four times makes it grow larger and do more damage.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Shooting StarsPress Attack 1 rapidly to shoot many sparkling star projectiles at nearby enemies.4000 Gold

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