Trap Shadow

Trap Shadow
"Hide and Sleek!"

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Once part of an elite tribe of hunters in a remote area of Skylands, Trap Shadow used his cat-like cunning, ingenious traps and mystical stealth abilities to catch nearly everything that could be caught. As a result, his fame around Skylands grew so much that it attracted the attention of an evil cadre of wizards. They plotted to capture him and use his abilities to ensnare the most uncatchable thing of all - Master Eon himself. But Trap Shadow could sense them coming from miles away. Outsmarted and outmaneuvered, each of the wizards was easily captured by his bewildering array of traps and snares until they were all locked away for good. Having saved Master Eon, he quickly made Trap Shadow a Skylander.

Trap Shadow is a new Swap Force swappable Magic Skylander with the Sneak movement ability.

He was part of the Wave 4 Released figures for Skylanders Swap Force.

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    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 140  Max Health270
Defense:180  Speed43
Speed: 100  Armor12
Luck:80  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
Clawing ShadowPress Attack 1 to swipe shadowy claws at nearby enemies.Free
Snap TrapPress Attack 3 to throw a magically animated trap which will snap at enemies and damage them.300 Gold
Sharp MagicPress Attack 1 rapidly to use powerful claw attacks that deal increased damage.800 Gold
Catch!Hold Attack 3 to aim Snap Trap, release to throw it. Prerequisite: Snap Trap1000 Gold
Feral Instincts Path
Me-Ouch!Hold Attack 1 to combo into a swipe that knocks enemies into the air.1500 Gold
Nocturnal PredatorMe-Ouch! does increased damage. Prerequisite: Me-Ouch!2000 Gold
Trap Trickster Path
Gloom and BoomTraps will explode after a short time, damaging all enemies within a large area.1500 Gold
Make It SnappyAll traps are now more powerful and do increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Shadow StrikerPress Attack 1 rapidly to do quick claw attacks. While doing claw attacks, hold Attack 1 to unleash a powerful shadowy dash.3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Shadow KickPress Attack 2 to kick a wave of shadows at enemies.Free
ProwlHold Attack 2 to prowl for a short time, causing any enemy touched to be damaged.300 Gold
Nine LivesHealth is increased.800 Gold
Out of the ShadowsHold Attack 2 to prowl for a short time, coming out of prowl causes a large explosion that damages nearby enemies.1000 Gold
Shadow Combat Path
Dark MagicPress Attack 2 to kick a wave of shadow that can damage enemies farther away.1500 Gold
Black CatAll shadow wave attacks do even more damage. Prerequisite: Dark Magic2000 Gold
Prowler Path
Shade StepsHold Attack 2 to prowl, moving while prowling leaves behind magical pawprints that damage enemies that touch them.1500 Gold
Bumps in the NightShade Steps do increased damage. Prerequisite: Shade Steps2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Living ShadowHold Attack 2 to prowl and become invisible.3500 Gold

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