"The Luck of the Claw!"

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High in the peaks of Cats Eye Mountain sits a towering city of crystal and gold that can only be reached by creatures of the Air Element. It was here that Scratch spent her youth soaring playfully in the clouds or exploring the endless number of crystal mines. One day, an army of Pirate Greebles arrived in a fleet of airships, looking to steal ancient magic crystals buried deep in the mountain. Donning specially made armor, Scratch led an epic battle against the pirates, using her incredible fighting skills to defend the crystals and the city. Tales of her heroism soon made their way to Jet-Vac, who traveled to Cats Eye Mountain and recruited Scratch to the Skylanders.

Scratch is a new Air Skylander making her debut in Swap Force.

Scratch was released with Wave 4 Skylanders for Swap Force.

Scratch Unboxing


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 110  Max Health260
Defense:65  Speed50
Speed: 100  Armor6
Luck:65  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Cat ScratchPress Attack 1 to scratch at nearby enemies.Free
Playful PouncePress Attack 2 to shoot a movable laser onto the ground, release to pounce where the laser was pointing.Free
Wing SparkPress Attack 3 to dodge an attack and knock away all enemies in area around you.500 Gold
Silver ClawsGain new silver claws that deal increased damage!700 Gold
WhirlwingHold Attack 3 to pull enemies into a massive whirlwind and do damage to all of them caught inside.900 Gold
Silver MaskGain a new silver mask! Hold Attack 2 to shoot a powerful new laser at the ground, release to do a devastating pounce attack that does increased damage.1200 Gold
Ruby Path
Sharpened RubiesSharpened rubies grant increased chance to critically hit!1700 Gold
Ruby RageClaw damage is increased. Hold Attack 1 to charge a claw attack, release to slash through nearby enemies.2200 Gold
Ruby MaskHold Attack 2 to shoot a laser at the ground that damages enemies in a larger area.3000 Gold
Sapphire Path
Speedy SapphireSpeed is increased. Sapphires infused with the speed of wind!1700 Gold
Sapphire SlashClaw damage is increased. Hold Attack 1 to charge a wing attack, release to shoot a vortex that pulls enemies into it.2200 Gold
Sapphire MaskHold Attack 2 to shoot a laser at the ground that damages and slows enemies.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Gem AffinityGain health from collecting gems, coins and money.4000 Gold

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