Freeze Blade – Character Review

Freeze Blade Review
Normal Freeze Blade

Freeze Blade is a new Swappable Water Skylander for Skylanders Swap Force. You would think that Freeze Blade comes from somewhere cold. However, while he was born in the Frozen Wastelands of Vesh, he soon moved to the Great Lava Lakes. This is where he met Blast Zone. After helping Blast Zone defend himself from some Spell Punks, Blast Zone introduced him to Master Eon and Freeze Blade became a Skylander. It was also in the Lava Lakes where Freeze Blade learned he had a magical ability to skate on any surface. This ability allows Freeze Blade to always wear his ice blades. He has very thin looking leather armor which looks more like workout clothes than armor. This allows for greater mobility which is good since he is one of the fastest Skylander characters.  He is a wolf creature with ice hair and ice cuffs. He also wields a boomerang like bladed weapon called a Chakram. Overall you can tell his character is built for speed. Freeze Blade also has an alternate version called Nitro Freeze Blade. Nitro Freeze Blade is identical in pose but wears a sporty golden race clothes and silver skin instead of grey skin. Nitro Freeze Blade doesn’t look any more powerful, but he certainly looks like a force of speed. Regardless of which character you choose, their starting stats are the same.

Nitro Freeze Blade Review
Nitro Freeze Blade

Freeze Blade starts off with a basic Chakram Throw. This is a short ranged/melee attack. The attack can reach enemies a short distance away but doesn’t fly far across the screen. It can be used in rapid succession like punches, so it has a very strong melee feel. He also starts with the Speedy Skate ability which is a dash attack that allows Freeze Blade to burst forward for a couple seconds, damaging any enemies in his way. An early upgrade unlocks an attack that allows you to freeze your enemies. This attack has a longer range than the Chakram throw. Several other upgrades increase the damage ability of Chakram, the Dash attack and armor. The ability to freeze most of your attackers combined with a dash attack and a strong Chakram throw allows Freeze Blade to become one of the most powerful Skylanders in the game.

As a swappable character there are two different upgrade paths to choose, one for his body and one for his legs. The body paths let you focus either on either a stronger Chakram, or stronger freeze attacks. The leg paths both affect dashing, and are both pretty devastating. One path leaves a trail of ice behind Freeze Blade’s Dash. This trail will slow and damage enemies that touch it. The other path allows Freeze Blade to knock back any enemies hit by the dash which will also cause a freezing explosion when they land.

Also as a swappable character he has two soul gem abilities. The body Soul Gem gives the Chakram increased critical hit chance and damage, while the legs Soul Gem gives the dash attack more damage and prevents it from being broken by attacking enemies. Neither is a flashy upgrade, but both add even more attack power to what was already one of the strongest attacking Skylanders available.

Once upgraded, regardless of path chosen Freeze Blade’s power and speed are valuable assets that make him one of the best and easiest to use characters in the game.

10 out of 10

Freeze Blade’s and Nitro Freeze Blade’s Stats

    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:140  Max Health280
Defense: 75  Speed50
Speed:200  Armor6
Luck:85  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25

Freeze Blade’s and Nitro Freeze Blade’s Attacks

Body Attacks
Chakram ThrowPress Attack 1 to throw an icy chakram.Free
FrostciclePress Attack 3 to fire a shard of ice that freezes enemies.300 Gold
IciclesChakram gains a new layer of ice, making attacks do increased damage.800 Gold
Frigid WhirlHold Attack 1 to charge the chakram, then release to throw it.1000 Gold
Blizzard Blade Path
Shaved IceHold Attack 1 to charge the chakram, release to throw the chakram and shoot ice in every direction.1500 Gold
WhiteoutIce projectiles from Shaved Ice do increased damage.2000 Gold
Ice Sculptor Path
Oh Snow!Hold Attack 3 to charge Frostcicle, release to freeze an entire area.1500 Gold
Ice to Meet YouFrostcicle and Oh Snow! do increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Winter ChakramChakram attacks have increased critical hit chance and do extra frost damage3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Speedy SkatePress Attack 2 to dash forward a short distance and damage enemies in the way.Free
Ice TrailDashing leaves behind a trail of ice that slows enemies.300 Gold
Glacial CoatArmor increased.800 Gold
Bladed ButterflyHold Attack 2 to perform a fancy skating trick that damages all enemies nearby.1000 Gold
Trail Freezer Path
Flash FreezePress Attack 2 to dash, dashing will now leave behind an ice trail that damages enemies.1500 Gold
Nice IceFlash Freeze does increased damage.2000 Gold
Ice Skater Path
Penalty FrostPress Attack 2 to knock back an enemy, wherever the knocked back enemy lands will cause a large freezing explosion. 1500 Gold
Iced SkatesPenalty Frost does increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Iceberg EnduranceDashing does increased damage and does not stop when attacked.3500 Gold



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