Dark Mega Ram Spyro

Dark Mega Ram Spyro
"All Fired Up!"

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Spyro is a rare magical dragon with the ability to harness the power of the other elements, though he prefers to master fire. However, this innate power also leaves him vulnerable to the influence of dark magic. When The Darkness is nearby, Spyro can channel its energy and combine its power with his own, becoming Dark Spyro. Over the years, he has learned to focus and control his power, using this dark magic to fight the forces of evil.

Dark Mega Ram Spyro is a limited variant of Mega Ram Spyro and is exclusive to the Dark Edition of Skylanders Swap Force sold only by GameStop. He has six other variants: Spyro (Spyro's Adventure), Dark Spyro (Spyro's Adventure), Legendary Spyro (Spyro's Adventure), Spyro Series 2 (Giants), Mega Ram Spyro (Swap Force), and Elite Spyro (Eon's Elite).

Dark Mega Ram Spyro is a Swap Force Wave 1 release character as part of the Dark Edition starter pack.

Swap Force Dark Edition Unboxing

(Featuring Dark Mega Ram Spyro):


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 85  Max Health280
Defense:65  Speed50
Speed: 110  Armor18
Luck:60  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
FlameballPress Attack 1 to breathe balls of fire at your enemies.Free
ChargePress and hold Attack 2 to lower your horns and charge forward, knocking over anything in your way.Free
Long Range RazeFlameball attacks travel farther.500 Gold
Spry's FlightPress Attack 3 to fly. Increased speed and resistance while flying.700 Gold
Sprint ChargeCan perform Charge attack for increased distance.900 Gold
Triple FlameballsShoot three Flameballs at once.1200 Gold
Fire Shield Path
Fire ShieldA fire shield appears when using the Flameball attack.1700 Gold
Exploding FireblastFlameballs do extra damage and the middle one explodes.2200 Gold
The Daybringer FlameHold Attack 1 to charge up Flameball attack for maximum damage.3000 Gold
Blitz Spry Path
Stun ChargeEnemies hit by Charge Attack become stunned.1700 Gold
Comet DashCharge attack does increased damage.2200 Gold
Ibex's Wrath ChargeCharge longer to do extra damage.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Spry's Earth PoundIn flight, press Attack 1 to Dive Bomb.4000 Gold
Wow Pow!
Head StartSummon a magic worm ally at the end of your charge and send it after your enemies.5000 Gold

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