Spy Rise

Spy Rise
"It's Classified!"

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From the moment he could crawl, Spy Rise wanted nothing more than to join his father in the family business as a private investigator. But after being hired by a shadowy figure to gather information on the Cloudbreak Islands, his father vanished, leaving Spy Rise alone to search for answers. He scoured the land for clues, using his immense skill in reconnaissance to track down his missing father, but all roads came up empty. Then one day, he received a tip from none other than Master Eon, which led him to a hidden lair near Mt. Cloudbreak, where he not only found his long lost father, but also uncovered an evil plot to take control of the magical volcano during the next eruption ceremony. With his father safe, Spy Rise decided to pursue a new career -- as a member of the Skylanders.

Spy Rise is a new swappable Tech Skylander with the Climb movement ability debuting in Swap Force.

Spy Rise was released with Wave 3 characters for Swap Force.

Spy Rise Unboxing


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 120  Max Health270
Defense:120  Speed43
Speed: 120  Armor18
Luck:130  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
Spyder BlasterPress Attack 1 to shoot three spyder projectiles that slow any enemy it hits.Free
Super Spy Scanner S3Hold Attack 3 for a short time to scan a nearby enemy, release to shoot a high-powered laser. Fully scanned enemies take additional damage.300 Gold
Spyder StingPress Attack 1 next to an enemy with low health to sting them and steal some health.800 Gold
Future TechSuper Spy Scanner S3 and Spyder Blaster do increaed damage. Prerequisite: Super Spy Scanner S31000 Gold
Web Spinner Path
Cocoon SpinnerHold Attack 1 to shoot a stream of web projectiles that slow and cocoon enemies.1500 Gold
Experimental WebsCocoon Spinner does increased damage. Prerequisite: Cocoon Spinner2000 Gold
Shock Spy Path
Electroweb Pulse BombHold Attack 1 to charge a web bomb, release to throw it, which damages and slows enemies in a large area.1500 Gold
Improved EPDElectroweb Pulse Bomb does increased damage and has a larger explosion. Prerequisite: Electroweb Pulse Bomb2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Spy with a Golden HandGain a new Golden blaster that shoots five projectiles at once.3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Spyder ClimbPress Attack 2 to climb into the air with electro web, dropping back down with damage nearby enemies.Free
Spyder MinePress Attack 2 to climb into the air and drop a spyder mine that will seek out and explode on nearby enemies.300 Gold
Spyder Mine 002Press Attack 2 to climb into the air, dropping two spyder mines at once. Prerequisite: Spyder Mine800 Gold
Rapid Laser Legs V17Press Attack 2 to climb into the air. Hold Attack 2 while in the air to drop down and shoot electric bolts and enemies.1000 Gold
Fire Tech Path
Foot-Mounted FlameHold Attack 2 to shoot flames from the feet, damaging any enemies that come too close.1500 Gold
Blue FlameFlamethrower deals increased damage. Prerequisite: Foot-Mounted Flame2000 Gold
Electro Tech Path
Pulse CannonHold Attack 2 to charge a laser blast, release to shoot a massive wave of energy at enemies.1500 Gold
Advanced Pulse CannonIncrease damage of pulse cannon. Prerequisite: Pulse Cannon.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Omega Sky LaserHold Attack 1 while in the sky to shoot down a massive laser that stuns enemies.3500 Gold

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