Magna Charge

Magna Charge
"Attract to Attack!"

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Magna Charge came from the great race of Ultron robots, but was mysteriously created with a giant magnet head. This proved problematic, as his peers were all made of metal and were constantly being pulled towards him. As a result, he was exiled to a faraway island, where he eventually learned to control his magnetic powers. After years of training, he returned to his home to demonstrate his abilities, but found everything completely destroyed. In searching for answers, he caught the attention of Master Eon, who realized the unique Ultron soldier was a perfect candidate for the Skylanders.

Magna Charge is a new Swap Force swappable Tech Skylander with the Speed movement ability. He is a Wave 1 release Skylander and has one other variant in Nitro Magna Charge.

Magna Charge Unboxing


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 110  Max Health280
Defense:90  Speed50
Speed: 190  Armor18
Luck:70  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
Magnet CannonPress Attack 1 to rapidly fire energy projectiles. Firing for too long will cause the cannon to overheat.Free
Polarized PickupPress Attack 3 to pick up enemies. Press Attack 3 again to slam them. While active, loot will be drawn from a distance!300 Gold
Plasma ShotsHold Attack 1 to rapidly shoot a Magnet Cannon that does increased damage. Projectiles heat up after a short time, dealing extra fire damage.800 Gold
Magnetic BuildupHold an object with Polarized Pickup for a short time, release it to deal extra damage. Prerequisite: Polarized Pickup1000 Gold
Magnetic Armaments Path
Discharge RechargeHold Attack 1 to overheat the Magnet Cannon, release to shoot a large fireball.1500 Gold
Heavy BlasterMagnet Cannon does even more damage.2000 Gold
Magnet Tuner Path
Burst PickupPicking up enemies with Polarized Pickup will knock back nearby enemies.1500 Gold
Magnetic PersonalityMagnet attacks do increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Multi BarrelledUpgraded Magnet Cannon that shoots three projectiles at once!3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Magneto BallPress Attack 2 to drag an enemy around. Press Attack 2 again to launch them forward. Large enemies cannot be dragged.Free
EjectPress Attack 3 while dragging an object or enemy to throw it behind and boost forward.300 Gold
Rad WheelsSpeed is increased.800 Gold
Drag CapacityTwo enemies can be dragged at once while dashing.1000 Gold
Static Buildup Path
Shock StopPress Attack 1 while dragging an enemy to drop it in front of your and shock it.1500 Gold
Crash TestShock Stop and Eject do increased damage. Prerequisite: Shock Stop2000 Gold
Drag Racer Path
Rapid RepelPress Attack 1 while dragging an object or enemy to shoot it without stopping.1500 Gold
Opposites RepelRapid Repel does increased damage. Prerequisite: Rapid Repel2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Super RepulsorA new wheel makes thrown objects gain increased damage, range and speed.3500 Gold


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