Rubble Rouser

Rubble Rouser
"Brace For Impact!"

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Hailing from a race of creatures who ate rock for a living, Rubble Rouser spent most days digging his way through the vastness of Deep Mountain mouthful by mouthful alongside the rest of his people. But Rubble Rouser found he could eat up far more ground with a swing of his hammer or spin of his drill. However, the leaders of his race wanted no part of changing the way they worked. That is, until the evil Rock Lords trapped them deep within the mountain. It was then that Rubble Rouser showed everyone the power of his ways by defeating the Rock Lords with his mighty hammer and drill. Afterward, the leaders encouraged Rubble Rouser to seek out the Skylanders, who readily welcomed him.

Rubble Rouser is a new swappable Earth Skylander with the Dig movement ability debuting in Swap Force.

He was released with Wave 3 characters for Swap Force.

Rubble Rouser Unboxing


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 170  Max Health280
Defense:200  Speed35
Speed: 65  Armor24
Luck:55  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
Hammer SwingPress Attack 1 to swing a massive hammer. Hold to charge up more powerful swings!Free
Tools of the TradePress Attack 3 to smash nearby enemies with the hammer.300 Gold
Happy HammeringAll hammer attacks do increased damage.800 Gold
Drill HeadHold Attack 3 to drill into the ground, causing an earthquake!1000 Gold
Drill Pitcher Path
Nailed It!Press Attack 1, Attack 1 and then hold and release Attack 1 to throw a charged hammer attack!1500 Gold
SledgehammerThrowing the hammer does increased damage. Don't try this indoors!2000 Gold
Escavator Path
Rock ShardsPress Attack 3 to send shards of rock flying out of the ground, damaging nearby enemies.1500 Gold
Gem QualityPress Attack 3 to unearth more powerful rock shards that damage nearby enemies.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Obsidian SkinRubble's skin becomes harder than stone, decreasing damage taken.3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Deep DigPress Attack 2 to quickly dig then come out of the ground, damaging nearby enemies.Free
Minor MinersPress Attack 2 to quickly dig and burst out of the ground a short time later, damaging nearby enemies and summoning small angry miner allies.300 Gold
Earthy FortitudeHealth is increased. Tough as stone!800 Gold
Tunnel ExpeditionHold Attack 2 to continue drilling while underground, release to surprise enemies from below with a devastating attack.1000 Gold
Bolder Boulders Path
Boulder TossHold Attack 2 to drill underground. While underground, boulders will rapidly shoot out. Aim the boulders towards enemies to damage them.1500 Gold
So BoldBoulders do increased damage. Prerequisite: Boulder Toss2000 Gold
Miner Foreman Path
Miner CraftCall up to four miner allies to help you defeat enemies!1500 Gold
On StrikeMiner allies do increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Pop RockHold Attack 2 to drill underground, release to toss a huge boulder into the sky which comes down on enemies nearby a short time later.3500 Gold

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