Bumble Blast – Character Review

Bumble Blast - Character Review
Regular Bumble Blast

Bumble Blast is a new core Life Skylander for Skylanders Swap Force. He comes with the Fiery Forge Battle Pack, or you can buy his limited variant Jolly Bumble Blast as a single character. His back story says that he was originally a beehive where bees made a sweet magical honey. Then when Kaos launched an attack on the bees to take the honey for himself, Bumble Blast came to life as their protector. He is a very detailed character but I think he looks more like a smaller version of Tree Rex than a beehive. He is a walking tree with a beehive gun and a sweet honeycomb jaw with a honey tongue sticking out. The detail on his character is fantastic. There is a little stinger coming out the barrel of his beehive gun showing the bee he is about to shoot, and even the life element symbol carved into the wood knot on his shoulder. Bumble Blast looks great, but he has a limited colored variant called Jolly Bumble Blast who looks even better. He dons a Red Santa Suit with green feet and stands on a snow covered base. He even has a candy cane striped bee coming out of a green holiday beehive gun. It’s a fantastic looking colored variant and it might be my favorite Skylander character.

Jolly Bumble Blast - Character Review
Jolly Bumble Blast

Besides being a great looking character, Bumble Blast also has some pretty awesome attacks. He starts with a basic Beezooka attack which shoots homing bees at enemies. These bees hit their target as long as you are aimed fairly close to your target. He also starts with a Honey Glob attack which coats enemies in honey. As you begin to upgrade him, the bees will always target enemies coated in honey. This allows you to attack while running away from trouble. It’s a huge advantage. You will also be able to drop mines that explode to oat enemies with honey and be able to shoot multiple bees at one time. If you choose to upgrade the Bee Keeper Path, there is also an upgrade that shoots out a huge Queen Bee that knocks a group of enemies into the air. If you choose the Honey Tree Path, then you will improve your honey coating abilities.

For Bumble Blast’s Soul Gem Ability, he will gain a backpack that automatically fires bees at enemies. It’s an interesting looking change to the character and it allows you to worry more about coating enemies in honey than always firing your bees. No matter what upgrade path you choose, and even before you unlock the Soul Gem ability, Bumble Blast is a very strong Skylander and very fun to play with.

Overall Bumble Blast is a must have. He is on a short list of our all time favorites.

10 out of 10


Bumble Blast’s Stats

    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:85  Max Health320
Defense: 85  Speed35
Speed:50  Armor24
Luck:90  Critical Hit4
  Elemental Power25


Bumble Blast’s Attacks

All Attacks
BeezookaPress Attack 1 to shoot honey homing bees at enemiesFree
Honey GlobPress Attack 2 to shoot a big ball of honey that will coat enemies in honey when hit.Free
Honey BeeconBees will always target and attack enemies coated in honey.500 Gold
Hungry BeesBees deal increased damage against honeyed targets700 Gold
Hive MindPress Attack 3 to shoot a beehive into the ground. The hive explodes into honey when an enemy approaches it.900 Gold
Painful StingsBees gain more powerful stingers, increasing their damage.1200 Gold
Bee Keeper Path
Bee ArmadaHold Attack 1 to charge the Beezooka, release to shoot three bees at once.1700 Gold
Stirred up a NestA new Beezooka now shoots even more bees that do increased damage.2200 Gold
Queen BeeHold Attack 1 and charge theBeezooka even longer, release to shoot a Queen Bee that knocks enemies into the air.3000 Gold
Honey Tree Path
Honey Buzz BlastHold Attack 2 to charge a honey attack, release to shoot a honey glob that contains angry bees.1700 Gold
Heavy HoneyHoney attacks deal increased damage and slow enemies.2200 Gold
Honeycomb BarkArmor is increased. Bark skin will sometimes drip out honey that coats enemy attackers3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Bee-Pack BackpackGain a behive backpack that automatically launches bees at nearby foes.4000 Gold
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