Trap Team Wave 1 Skylanders

Skylanders TrapTeam Wave 1Today is the release of Skylanders Trap Team. As always we are presented only with a handful of figures available on Day 1. These figures are what we call the Wave 1 figures. Usually it’s a fairly large wave, and Wave 2 typically comes out before Thanksgiving. Based on what we’ve seen from pre-order information on major retail sites, and some rumors to what people have started to pick up in stores let me summarize what ‘might’ be included in the Trap Team Wave 1 Skylanders.   

Starter Packs

Standard Edition Trap Team Starter Pack

(Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, Tablet) includes:


Dark Edition Trap Team Starter Pack

(Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, Wii) includes:

Character Single Packs

Trap Masters

Krypt King

Nitro Krypt King (Target Exclusive)

Gusto (Also comes in 3DS Starter Pack)


Legendary Jawbreaker (Toys R Us exclusive)



Gearshift (Pre-order only)

Core Characters


Funny Bone


Tread Head (rumored at TRU not online at any retailer yet)

Hog Wild Fryno (rumored at TRU not online at any retailer yet)

Fist Bump (rumored at TRU not online at any retailer yet)

The three above characters are not available around me or online in the US at launch. I expect they will probably be Wave 2 Skylanders.

Returning Favorite Core

Sure Shot Shroomboom

Tidal Wave Gill Grunt

Character Triple Packs and Adventure Packs

Triple Pack 1 (Funny Bone, Chopper, Sure Shot Shroomboom)

Triple Pack 2 (Torch, Blades, Tidal Wave Gill Grunt)

*(Blades also in Nightmare Express Adventure Pack)

Nightmare Express Adventure Pack

(Blades, Nightmare Express Level, Piggy Bank, Hand of Fate)

Legendary Nightmare Express Adventure Pack

(Legendary Blades, Nightmare Express Level, Piggy Bank, Hand of Fate)

Minis (All come in 2 packs)

Bop & Terrabite (Earth Minis)

Drobit & Trigger Snappy (Tech Minis)

Hijinx & Eye Small (Undead Minis)

Spry & Mini Jini (Magic Minis)

Tidal Wave Gill Grunt & Gill Runt (Walmart Exclusive Buddy Pack)

Traps (Single and Triple Packs)

Collectors of all the different types of traps may have the hardest time as it’s doubtful that online will show exact trap type in stock. Only Toys R Us seems like they may include the type in their description. Pictures on other sites may not represent what is being purchased. Neither Walmart, Amazon or Target show any individual traps yet.

Life Trap (Life Torch @ GS & BB)

Earth Trap (Earth Hammer @ GS, BB, & TRU, Earth Orb @ TRU)

Water Trap (Water Jughead @ GS & TRU, Water Log Holder @ TRU)

Magic Trap (Magic Skull @ GS & TRU, Magic Log Holder @ TRU)

Air Trap (Air Jughead @ GS & BB)

Fire Trap (Fire Torch @ GS, BB & TRU, Fire Scepter @ TRU)

Undead Trap (Undead Orb @ GS & TRU, Undead Skull @ TRU)

Tech Trap (Tech Scepter @ GS & BB)

Trap Triple Pack 1 (Air, Undead, Fire) (Undead Skull, Fire Torch, Air Jughead)

Trap Triple Pack 2 (Tech, Magic, Earth) (Tech Scepter, Magic Log Holder, Earth Orb)


Finally let’s take a look at the costs this year. The Standard Edition Starter Packs are $74.99 for the consoles and tablet, $64.99 for the 3DS. The Dark Edition Starter Packs are $99.99. These prices are the same at all retailers.

Trap Masters will retail for $14.99 at most retailers. Gamestop will sell them for $15.99 and they will be $16.99 at Toys R Us, who historically marks the price up on most of their popular toys.

Core Characters will retail for $9.99 at most retailers including Gamestop. However Toys R Us thinks people will gladly pay $10.99.

Triple Packs and Adventure Packs will retail for $24.99 at most retailers including Gamestop. Toys R Us will charge you $25.99.

Mini Two Packs will be $13.99 at Best Buy (They’ll probably raise this soon), $14.99 everywhere else. The Walmart exclusive Buddy Pack with Tidal Wave Gill Grunt is $15.96.

Single Traps are $5.99 at Best Buy, $6.99 at Gamestop and Toys R Us, and unknown at Amazon and Walmart.

Trap Triple Packs are $14.99 at Best Buy and Walmart, $15.99 at Amazon and Gamestop, and unknown at Toys R Us. You can bet it will be at least $15.99 at Toys R Us. Also I would expect Amazon to soon drop their price to $14.99 if other retailers are listing it lower.

Remember you can save 20% at Best Buy on Skylanders and games as part of their Gamers Club Unlocked. Depending on how much you get a Gamer’s Club Unlocked membership for, it can be a great deal if you buy a lot of Skylanders and video games. Read my article about it here.

Have fun and happy hunting.



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