"All Geared Up!"

Gearshift was created on the Tech island of Metallana by King Mercurus, who considered the young robot to be his own daughter. But rather than performing royal duties, Gearshift preferred to spend her time in the oily depths of the kingdom among its workers, secretly tending to the huge subterranean machines. When her father discovered this, he was furious - but then a squadron of Undead Stormriders suddenly attacked. Learning that these marauders wanted to capture her father, Gearshift used her knowledge of the labyrinth below to hide him. Seizing the emblem of her people - The Great Gear - she used it to fight the Stormriders, inspiring the workers to rise up. Together, they drove the Stormriders out of Metallana and saved the kingdom. For this, Gearshift was made part of the Trap Team, using her new awesome Traptanium-forged gear to help defend Skylands.

Gearshift is a new Tech Trap Master for Skylanders Trap Team. She will not be released until 2015, however limited quantities will be available for pre-order only that will be released October 5, 2014 with the release of Skylanders Trap Team and Wave 1 figures.

Gearshift Video Review

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Meet Gearshift w/Chill Bill


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:130  Max Health300
Defense: 130  Speed70
Speed:130  Armor24
Luck:130  Critical Hit40
  Elemental Power39


All Attacks
Traptanium GearPress Attack 1 to perform a Traptanium Gear attack depending on which Mode you are in.Free
Mode TogglePress Attack 2 to toggle between Hoop Mode, Dual Mode, and Fragment Mode, all with different attacks.Free
Gear GrindPress Attack 3 to cartwheel forward damaging anything in your path.500 Gold
Gear SawPress Attack 2 to switch modes and release a Gear Saw. Gear Grind into it to make it spin again.700 Gold
Many Mini-GearsPress Attack 3 to Gear Grind and release a bunch of dangerous Mini-Gears. Prerequisite: Gear Grind900 Gold
Mini-Gear DistributionAfter Mini-Gears are released, Press Attack 1 in Hoop Mode to knock Mini-Gears into enemies. Prerequiste: Many Mini-Gears1200 Gold
Dual Mode Duelist Path
Spare PartsIn Dual Mode, press Attack 1, Attack 1, Attack 1 to release Gear Saw.1700 Gold
Keep Em' SpinningIn Dual Mode, press Attack 1 to hit a Gear Saw and make it spin longer.2200 Gold
Geared UpGear Saws are larger and occasionally release Mini-Gears.3000 Gold
Fragment Mode Freak Path
Enhanced FragmentationIn Fragment Mode, press Attack 1 to fire more fragments out.1700 Gold
Kick It Into High GearIn Fragment Mode, press Attack 1 to also release Mini-Gears.2200 Gold
Hardware OverloadIn Fragment Mode, repeatedly press Attack 1 to lob out a ton of Mini-Gears.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Swing ShiftTraptanium Gear is more powerful and can switch modes much faster. 4000 Gold

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