Snap Shot

Snap Shot
"Croc and Roll!"

Snap Shot came from a long line of Crocagators that lived in the remote Swamplands, where he hunted chompies for sport. After rounding up every evil critter in his homeland, Snap Shot ventured out into the world to learn new techniques that he could use to track down more challenging monsters. He journeyed far and wide, perfecting his archery skills with the Elves and his hunting skills with the wolves. Soon he was the most revered monster hunter in Skylands – a reputation that caught the attention of Master Eon. It then wasn’t long before Snap Shot became the leader of the Trap Masters, a fearless team of Skylanders that mastered legendary weapons made of pure Traptanium. It was this elite team that tracked down and captured the most notorious villains Skylands had ever known!

Snap Shot is a new Water Trap Master Skylander for Skylanders Trap Team. He comes with the Starter Pack and will be available on October 5th when the game is released in Wave 1. He also has a special Dark Variant which comes with the special Dark Edition of Skylanders Trap Team.

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Power Play: Snap Shot


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:100  Max Health290
Defense: 100  Speed70
Speed:180  Armor24
Luck:120  Critical Hit30
  Elemental Power46


All Attacks
Traptanium ArrowPress Attack 1 to fire Traptanium arrows.Free
Crystal SlamPress Attack 2 to perform a Crystal Slam.Free
Sure Shot CrocHold Attack 1 to charge up a Traptanium Arrow attack.500 Gold
Torrential TidepoolHold Attack 3 to create a controllable Torrential Tidepool.700 Gold
Super SlamHold Attack 2 to charge up an extra powerful Crystal Slam.900 Gold
Amazing ArrowImproved Traptanium Arrow does extra damage.1200 Gold
Crackshot Croc Path
ArrowsplosionTraptanium Arrows now explode on impact.1700 Gold
Traptanium FlechetteShards of Traptanium splinter off arrows doing additional damage.2200 Gold
Hydro ArrowHold Attack 1 to charge up a Water Element-infused Traptanium Arrow.3000 Gold
Tide Turner Path
Big Wave TorrentTorrential Tidepool is bigger and does more damage.1700 Gold
Water TrapEnemies caught in Torrential Tidepool become trapped.2200 Gold
What's Kraken?Torrential Tidepool now call forth the power of the Kraken!3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
A Shard Act to FollowCrystal Slam in the air creates a new Traptanium attack.4000 Gold

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