Snap Shot and Dark Snap Shot – Skylander Review

Snap Shot and Dark Snap Shot – Skylander Review

Snap Shot and Dark Snap Shot - Skylander ReviewSnap Shot is a new Water Trap Master making his debut in Skylanders Trap Team. He comes packaged with the console versions of the game but not the 3DS version. He also has a Dark variant called Dark Snap Shot which is packaged with the special Dark Edition starter pack of Skylanders Trap Team. Snap Shot isn’t your average Trap Master. He is the leader of the Trap Masters. He achieved this position by being the most famous monster hunter in all of Skylands. Snap Shot is a Crocagator that comes from the remote Swamplands. He grew up hunting chompies for fun. After catching every evil critter in his homeland, he wanted a new challenge. He perfected his archery skills by studying with the Elves. He also spent a bunch of time with the wolves who helped him master his hunting skills. Soon he earned the reputation of being the best monster hunter in the Skylands and Master Eon took notice. Master Eon made Snap Shot a Trap Master and he quickly became the leader of the Trap Masters tasked with hunting and capturing the most notorious villains the Skylands had ever known.

Snap Shot a Crocagator which is part alligator and part crocodile.  His body is covered by mostly light blue scales, but he has a dark blue stripe that runs from head to tail downSnap Shot and Dark Snap Shot - Skylander Review the middle of his back.  Also running from head to tail on his back are a couple of rows of spikes. He stands on two legs which are rather thin and small. However his torso expands and broadens up to his shoulders. The result is a very muscular and powerful looking upper body. The only armor he wears is some thick gold shoulder protection. His snake like eyes and a mouth full of several sharp looking teeth make him look rather menacing. However, he also has a bit of a smile which gives him a very confident look and makes him look more authoritative than scary. The dark version of Snap Shot is all black instead of blue and he wears silver shoulder protection instead of gold. The dark version actually looks more commanding. Both versions hold a very large blue crystal Traptanium bow and arrow. The arrow is held in his right hand and looks more like a sword blade than an arrow. In fact, he can actually use it like a sword when he slams it down on enemies. In his other hand is his bow that will shoot the large blade-like arrows for his main form of attack.

Snap Shot’s main attack is called the Traptanium Arrow. He fires these arrows very rapidly and even without upgrades they travel across the entire screen. It gives Snap Shot an excellent ranged attack. Should enemies survive his barrage of arrows and get close to Snap Shot, his other basic attack can take care of them. The Crystal Slam takes the large blade-like arrow and slams it down on top of nearby enemies in a pretty devastating melee attack. The slam will injure multiple enemies who are in direct range of the long blade as it hits the ground. These two basic attacks alone, make Snap Shot a powerful and fun Skylander to use, but the upgrades add even more power and options. An upgrade can be used to give Snap Shot a third attack called Torrential Tidepool. This attack allows you to control a spinning vortex of water which will do significant continuous damage to any enemies caught within. It’s like a ranged melee attack. It’s great for taking out a group of enemies from a distance. The tide pool lasts for a very long time as well. It’s a lot longer than many of the other character’s special attacks. Some basic upgrades will charge the arrow attack, charge the Cyrstal Slam attack and will give the Traptanium Arrow more damage.

When it comes time to choosing an upgrade path, you really can’t go wrong. Both paths seem very powerful and very useful, depending on how you like to play. The Crackshot Croc path improves the Traptanium Arrow attacks. One upgrade allows your Traptanium Arrows to explode on contact.Snap Shot and Dark Snap Shot - Skylander Review I never really notice that this is happening, but I’m sure it’s doing more damage and that’s never a bad thing. Another upgrade is called Traptanium Flechette and basically allows shards to fall off your arrow, resulting in what looks like multiple arrows being shot at once. This greatly widens the area of effect of your Traptanium Arrow attack, so if you like standing back and shooting things, this might be the path for you. The last upgrade is the Hydro Arrow where you can charge up and infuse your arrow with a water element attack. This is good for those larger enemies that are coming at you and it does some devastating damage. It’s a move that I would expect to be a Soul Gem ability for most characters. The Tide Turner path improves the controllable Tidepool attack. The first upgrade just makes the tidepool larger and do more damage. The next upgrade will cause enemies caught in the tidepool to become trapped. And the last upgrade adds the Kraken to the tidepool, where octopus like legs will come out of it as it’s spinning causing even more damage. Since the tidepool lasts for so long, and it can be controlled, this is a very excellent upgrade which can be used to take out groups of enemies at a distance. You can even use it to protect Snap Shot by keeping it centered on his character. This will take care of most nearby enemies before then can get to him. This is another upgrade that seems like it could have been a Soul Gem ability. However, what the Soul Gem Ability does do, is add more power to the Crystal Slam attack. Once you find the Soul Gem, you’ll be able to perform a jumping slam attack. By jumping first, Snap Shot will spin in the air clearing out nearby enemies. Then as he hits the ground the damage is increased and a shock wave is sent forth from the end of the blade which travels part of the way across the screen. So which ever path you choose, you will have devastatingly powerful attacks, which makes Snap Shot one of our favorite characters to use in a pinch.

Overall there just isn’t anything bad to say about Snap Shot. His ranged attacks go far and they are rapid. The melee attack starts off being powerful, but is made even more powerful after finding his Soul Gem. The extra Tidepool attack is very damaging and it lasts a long time, making it an excellent choice to take out groups of enemies either at a distance or those that are already on top of Snap Shot. All of his attacks are easy to pull off and fun to execute. He isn’t the fastest Skylander, but he certainly isn’t slow. He has plenty of speed to be able to get out of dangerous situations and to regroup his attacks. Should he get hit by some enemies, he has enough armor that will prevent him from taking excessive damage. Snap Shot is just a must use character and he may be the overall strongest and most well rounded Trap Team Skylander. I guess that’s why he’s the leader of the Trap Masters, and why he comes with the game.

SkylanderNutts gives Snap Shot and Dark Snap Shot…

10.0 out of 10

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