Chompy Mage – Villain Review

Chompy Mage – Villain Review

Chompy Mage - Villain ReviewThe Chompy Mage is the first Doom Raider in the game that you will capture. He is a Life villain which means you will need a Life trap to capture him. The Chompy Mage is an old magician who was raised by Chompies. He grew up embracing the Chompy way, believing that Skylands would be a better place if everyone was a Chompy. He was locked up inside Cloudcracker Prison for trying to perform illegal enchantments to turn the inhabitants of Skylands into Chompies. It was there he met the Doom Raiders who thought he was completely crazy, but since the Chompy Mage can see through the eyes of any Chompy in Skylands he was accepted into the group for being a very good spy.  

Being a Doom Raider, the Chompy Mage actually has three attacks instead of the normal two. His first attack is a two-handed staff strike. It’s a typical melee attack that only extends a few feet in front of him, but it does pack quite a punch. It seems more powerful than almost any Skylander attack. It’s far more useful than his secondary attack which is to summon Chompies (up to 4). These Chompies are minions that fight for you, but there bite is very weak, and they are easily defeated by the enemies. You are much better off just using the staff. His other attack, isn’t really an attack. The Chompy mage can change his form into a giant Chompy. In this form he only has one attack as both of the other attack buttons perform the same attack. As a giant Chompy, he can jump and when he lands it creates a fiery ring that ripples along the ground. The range isn’t that far but it goes at least as far as the staff attack, and since it’s in a ring around the Chompy Mage, it’s a little more useful as it attacks in all directions. It’s actually slightly more powerful than the staff as well, but that is offset by being a little slower to execute successive attacks. His attacks aren’t really glamorous or Chompy Mage - Villain Review Chompy Mage Screeninteresting, but they get the job done and are generally more powerful than using a Skylander.

All of the attacks can be made more powerful by completing the Chompy Mage’s quest which can be found in level 5 – Chef Zeppelin. The Chompy Mage’s quest is a passive quest meaning that all you have to do is talk to the quest giver as the Chompy Mage. There is no challenge associated to his quest. Once evolved the Chompy Mage will change in color from green to blue and all of his attacks will be made more powerful.

Overall, the power of the Chompy Mage cannot be denied. He is very effective in dishing out some serious melee damage in a short amount of time even if his attacks are a little boring and straight forward. You’ll definitely want to keep him in the portal ready to go during those early levels. Just don’t bother with trying to summon Chompies, and go straight to one of his other powerful attacks.

SkylanderNutts gives The Chompy Mage…

8.0 out of 10

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