"Hammer it Home!"

For generations, Wallop’s people used the volcanic lava pits of Mount Scorch to forge the most awesome weapons in all of Skylands. And Wallop was the finest apprentice any of the masters had ever seen. Using hammers in both of his mighty hands, he could tirelessly pound and shape the incredibly hot metal into the sharpest swords or the hardest axes. But on the day he was to demonstrate his skills to the masters of his craft, a fierce fire viper awoke from his deep sleep in the belly of the volcano. The huge snake erupted forth, attacking Wallop’s village. But, bravely charging the beast with his two massive hammers, Wallop was able to bring down the creature and save his village. Now with his Traptanium-infused hammers, he fights with the Skylanders to protect the lands from any evil that rises to attack!

Wallop is a new Earth Trap Master Skylander for Skylanders Trap Team. He will be available at launch with Wave 1 released Skylanders.

Wallop Video Review

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Meet Wallop w/Brawl and Chain

Power Play: Wallop


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:190  Max Health300
Defense: 140  Speed60
Speed:100  Armor18
Luck:80  Critical Hit50
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Traptanium HammerPress Attack 1 to swing the mighty Traptanium Hammers.Free
Hammer TossPress Attack 2 to toss Traptanium Hammers, which smash down with mighty force.Free
Tantrum ModeRapidly press Attack 1 to enter Tantrum Mode.500 Gold
Hammer SlammerHammer Toss attack does extra damage.700 Gold
When Hammers CollidePress Attack 3 to spin both hammers into the battlefield, which then smash together.900 Gold
Cutting EdgeNew Traptanium Hammers do extra damage.1200 Gold
Tantrum Thrower Path
Instant TantrumHold Attack 1 to instantly enter Tantrum Mode.1700 Gold
Total MeltdownHold Attack 1 to remain in Tantrum Mode for longer and do extra damage.2200 Gold
Aftershock WaveRelease a powerful wave of Earth energy after coming out of Tantrum Mode3000 Gold
Hammer Handler Path
Better with ShrapnelTossed Hammers shoot out Traptanium shrapnel on impact.1700 Gold
What a Collision!When Hammers Collide attack creates a bigger explosion that does extra damage.2200 Gold
Traptanium SplintersTraptanium shrapnel from Hammer Toss stick to enemies and do damage over time.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Now That's a Hammer!Hold Attack 2 to charge up the Hammer Toss and make super hammers.4000 Gold

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