Wallop – Skylander Review

Wallop – Skylander Review

Wallop - Skylander ReviewWallop is a new Earth Trap Master making his debut in Trap Team. Wallop comes from the volcanic lava pits of Mount Scorch where he was an apprentice weapon maker. His people make the most awesome weapons in all of Skylands. Wallop was one of the best apprentices his masters had ever seen. He would use hammers in both hands to quickly shape the hot metal into the sharpest swords or the hardest axes. One day, a fierce fire viper awoke from deep within the volcano and began to attack Wallop’s village. Wallop battled the beast with his two massive hammers and defeated the giant fire snake. Now Wallop uses two Traptanium infused hammers to fight with the Skylanders and protect all of the Skylands.

At first glance you know that Wallop is going to pack some power. He is a wide, strong looking figure holding two massive Traptanium hammers. A closer look at his face and body under his armor and he looks like he might be of the same race as Flynn and Cali, except he’s very muscular and strong. He has light brown fur and is mostly covered in dark brown armor. His brown color tone fits into his Earth element alliance. His shoulder and head armor are covered with giant looking rivets which seem to protect him well. He also has some odd bug type antennae coming out of his head armor. They look rather sharp so perhaps they are a symbol of his sword making skills as he doesn’t look like he is part of a bug race. While Wallop does look powerful and menacing, he doesn’t really stand out as an interesting or special looking Skylander. If you are familiar with past Skylanders you might be put off with similarities to other hammer based Skylanders like Crusher and Stump Smash. You will also probably assume that he is a rather slow, powerful melee type character, and you would be partially right.

Wallop might move slow, but he swings his hammers with some serious speed. While he does have a powerful hammer melee attack, he also has an equally powerful ranged attack as he can actually throw his hammers. His first basic attack, as expected is to swing his hammers and pound everything in front of him. His second basic attack tosses a hammer into the air above the enemies where it will then slam down on the enemies below. This throw has some surprisingly long range to it. When you upgrade to get the third attack, you’ll be able to throw both hammersWallop Gameplay Wallop - Skylander Review spinning out in front of you, damaging any enemy they hit. Then the hammers will smash together doing more damage before returning to Wallop. There is also an upgrade where you rapidly press the attack button to enter Tantrum mode. In this mode Wallop pounds away and enemies in front of him with even greater speed for a couple of seconds. The other two basic upgrades just add more power to the Hammer Toss, and more damage to the hammers. These seem to be a couple of filler upgrades that only happen because no one could think of a more interesting upgrade for Wallop. When it comes time to chose an upgrade path, you have the option of upgrading either the Tantrums (melee attack) or the Hammer Toss (ranged attack). Both paths sound interesting and powerful and are just a choice based on how you want to use Wallop. We chose the Tantrum Thrower path and it certainly leads to powerful melee attacks. Finally Wallop’s Soul Gem ability enhances the Hammer Toss. This ability allows you to hold the toss button for longer to create a gigantic hammer that will smash down on the enemies and do even more damage. It’s interesting and useful but ultimately it’s just another upgrade that only increases the power of an existing move.

Overall Wallop is almost what you would expect. He does use his hammers for some powerful melee attacks, but he also has a nice set of ranged abilities which you can focus on, through the Hammer Handler upgrade path. His hammers are also very quick compared to the lumbering attacks of older hammer based Skylanders. Unfortunately, his attacks are rather bland and boring when compared to other Trap Masters. He basically only has his three attacks, with most upgrades only concentrating on making those attacks slightly more powerful. Even his soul gem ability only adds more power to an existing attack, though it does so with more visual flare than some of his other upgrades. He doesn’t seem to have the coolness factor that a lot of his other Trap Masters have. However, he will get the job done, and if you are a fan of melee attacking characters, his Tantrum mode is easy and powerful. Be sure to check out our video review to see his attacks in action.

SkylanderNutts gives Wallop…

6 out of 10

Wallop Video Review

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2 thoughts on “Wallop – Skylander Review”

  1. I agree that Wallop isn’t the coolest or most interesting to play as, but he might actually be the strongest melee character. The amount of damage and the range you get on it is insane.

    • He definitely has a very strong melee attack. I’ll have to pay more attention to ‘how strong’ that is when I play with him again. I must admit, I’m not much of a melee player myself, so I tend to favor those with good ranged attacks. Wallop just never stood out much when we were playing with him. Maybe after a couple more levels and another look I’ll see how powerful those melee attacks can be. Sometimes it’s all just in your play-style.


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