Funny Bone

Funny Bone
"I Have a Bone to Pick!"

Funny Bone once lived on Punch Line Island – the funniest place in the land of the Undead and home of the Eternal Chuckling Trees that magically make everyone laugh when the breeze tickles them. But after hearing stories of this, the evil Count Moneybone sent his minions to investigate if this magic could be used to make a “Funny Bomb” that would render Skylands helpless with laughter. Funny Bone was in the middle of burying his neighbors’ birthday cake on a breezeless day when the invaders arrived. Seeing their large axes, he instantly knew that the Chuckling Trees were in danger. Without hesitation, he sprang into action, fighting off the minions and driving them from his humorous home. Now as a Skylander, Funny Bone delivers his own punch line to evil!

Funny Bone is a new Undead Core Skylander for Trap Team. He will be released with Wave 1 Skylanders in a single pack and as part of Trap Team Triple Pack 1 with Sure Shot Shroomboom and Chopper.

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Meet Funny Bone w/Brawl and Chain

Power Play: Funny Bone


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:70  Max Health270
Defense: 100  Speed70
Speed:160  Armor24
Luck:30  Critical Hit20
  Elemental Power46


All Attacks
Bone SawPress Attack 1 to dash forward and slice enemies.Free
Flying Bone DiscPress Attack 2 to shoot a Flying Bone Disc.Free
Bone PawsPress Attack 3 to raise Bone Paws from the ground which attack enemies.500 Gold
Disc DemonFlying Bone Disc does extra damage.700 Gold
Ferocious FetchPress and hold Attack 2 to chase after the Flying Bone Disc and release to fetch it.900 Gold
Bump Up the BladesPress and hold Attack 1 to charge the Bone Saw.1200 Gold
Tail Wagger Path
Supercharged SawPress and hold Attack 3 to supercharge the Bone Saw.1700 Gold
Bone Paw PowerDash towards a Bone Paw to supercharge the Bone Saw.2200 Gold
Head CasePress and hold Attack 3 to summon a ghostly skull to devour enemies during the Bone Saw attack.3000 Gold
Bone Zoner Path
Flying Bone BoomFlying Bone Discs now explode and do additional damage.1700 Gold
Ultimate FBDFlying Bone Disc Slam affects a larger area.2200 Gold
Play CatchHit a Bone Paw with a Flying Bone Disc to play catch with other paws.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Healing PawsBone Paws pet Funny Bone to heal him.4000 Gold

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