Funny Bone – Skylander Review

Funny Bone – Skylander Review

Funny Bone - Skylander ReviewFunny Bone is a brand new core Undead Skylander which debuts in Skylanders Trap Team. He comes from the funniest place in the land of the undead – Punch Line Island. It is also home to the Chuckling Trees who use magic to make everyone laugh  when the breeze tickles them. One day Funny Bone was burying his neighbors birthday cake when he noticed strange beings with large axes. He immediately knew that the Chuckling Trees were in danger. So he defended the trees and chased away the invaders. Master Eon took note, and invited Funny Bone to become a Skylander.  

At first glance you might think that Funny Bone has a Traptanium Crystal tail. However, the crystal on his tail is not Traptanium, so it cannot be used to break apart Traptanium crystals. Only the Trap Masters can do that with their Traptanium weapons. Instead it’s just a magic green crystal, which Funny Bone uses to fling Bone Discs at his enemies. Funny bone is a happy and cute undead dog, and he seems like he might be related in some way to Hot Dog. Both sure do like to smile a lot. His character is completely made of bones except for his green eyes and his green crystal on the tip of his tail. Despite being made of bones his character is very solid and sturdy. He seems extremely durable with only the green crystal on his tail of any breakable concern.

Right off the bat, Funny Bone has balanced attacks. His Bone Saw is good for close quarters slicing attacks, and his Flying Bone Disc can be used at range when it’s too dangerous to get in close. His third attack which is one of the early upgrades you can choose, will allow Funny Bone to raise a Bone Paw from the ground, which will attack any enemies that come close to it. The only downside to the Bone Paws are that they seem to get defeated easily by the stronger villains. So you really have to plan the placement of the Bone Paws if you want them to last a while. The Bone Paws give Funny Bone a third way to attack with a passive trap strategy. However, once it comes time to specialize your attacks, you must choose to follow either the Tail Wagger path for stronger melee and Bone Saw attacks, or the Bone Zoner path which focuses on stronger ranged attacks with the Flying Disc. Once you find Funny Bone’s Soul Gem, you will be able to turn your Bone Paw traps into Healing Paws. They will continue to attack nearby enemies, but if you keep Funny Bone near a paw, the paw will pet you and heal you.

Overall Funny Bone’s figure isn’t flashy or very colorful, he doesn’t have an elaborate paint job, but the detail in his skeletal work is fairly impressive. Since he is also a durable figure he is a good Skylander to let your kids play with outside of use in the game. His attacks are also pretty versatile. So while he starts off with your basic melee and ranged attack, the upgrades and path you choose allow you to customize him to be a decent ranged or melee character. His Bone Paw upgrade is rather unique, and some of the later upgrades in his paths are also unique like being able to play catch between Bone Paws. He is a good core character and probably one that most people will find useful and fun to play with.

SkylanderNutts gives Funny Bone…

8 out of 10

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