"Dino Might!"

Growing up, Chopper was much smaller than the rest of his dinosaur kin. But this didn’t bother him because he had big ideas. Ahead of the annual hunting competition to honor the village idol, Roarke Tunga, He spent weeks building himself a super Gyro-Dino-Exo-Suit. When the competition began, he took the air – firing his missiles and chomping everything in his path. With Chopper on the verge of victory, the competition came to a sudden halt when the nearby volcano erupted, flooding the village with lava. Seeing the residents of his village trapped, he quickly flew into action. One at a time, he airlifted everyone to safety. And was even able to save the village idol. For heroically using his head, Chopper was made a Skylander!

Chopper is a new core Tech Skylander for Skylanders Trap Team. He will be released with Wave 1 Skylanders in a single pack and as part of Trap Team Triple Pack 1 with Sure Shot Shroomboom and Funny Bone.

Chopper Video Review

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Meet Chopper w/Chill Bill

Power Play: Chopper


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:125  Max Health250
Defense: 50  Speed60
Speed:125  Armor6
Luck:50  Critical Hit50
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Raptor RocketsPress Attack 1 to shoot Raptor Rockets.Free
Chopper BladesPress Attack 2 to fly into enemies with Chopper Blades.Free
Roar!Press Attack 3 to unleash a powerful roar attack.500 Gold
Rev's Up RocketsRaptor Rockets do extra damage.700 Gold
Homing MissilesRaptor Rockets seek out enemies for a sure hit.900 Gold
Better BladesChopper Blades do extra damage.1200 Gold
Roar Like Never Before Path
Call of the WildRoar Attack does extra damage and travels further.1700 Gold
R.O.A.R. MisslesHold Attack 1 to charge up Raptor Rockets to release super, Rage of All Raptor Missles.2200 Gold
King of the Jurassic JungleRoar Attack does maximum range. Prerequisite: Call of the Wild.3000 Gold
Blaster From the Past Path
The Bigger the BoomRaptor Rockets create bigger explosions doing extra damage.1700 Gold
Props to YouChopper Blades do maximum damage.2200 Gold
More MissileHold Attack 1 to charge up Raptor Rockets to release bigger missiles doing more damage.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Ultimate Dino DestructionPress Jump twice to enter Flight Mode, then press Attack 3 to release a rocket strike of epic proportions.4000 Gold

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