"Down for the Count!"

Jawbreaker hailed from a race of robots that operated and maintained a vast underground complex of enormous machines that powered the legendary Sky Train, which traveled between a thousand different islands daily. Like many of his fellow robots, Jawbreaker led an ordered existence – full of rules and regulations – which he followed happily. However, one day a huge army of Gear Trolls invaded the subterranean complex. Known for being major train enthusiasts, they were set on taking over the Sky Train for their own evil use. Jawbreaker quickly jumped into action and used his massive fists to beat the trolls into retreat. His quick action and ability to think for himself made him an individual. For this he was made part of the Trap Team, where he now uses his Traptanium powered fists to deliver mighty blows to evil!

Jawbreaker is a new Tech Trap Master for Skylanders Trap Team. He will be released along side the game with Wave 1 Skylanders for Trap Team. He has one other variant in Legendary Jawbreaker which is exclusive to Toys R Us.

Jawbreaker and Legendary Jawbreaker Video Review

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Meet Jawbreaker w/Brawl and Chain


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:230  Max Health340
Defense: 100  Speed50
Speed:120  Armor12
Luck:150  Critical Hit70
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Traptanium PunchPress Attack 1 to throw a powerful punch with big, Traptanium fists.Free
Robo Rage ModePress Attack 3 to enter Robo Rage Mode, moving faster, punching harder, and doing more damage.Free
Ragin' Robo RageRobo Rage Mode lasts even longer.500 Gold
Spark ShockPress Attack 3 to punch the ground and release a wave of electric sparks.700 Gold
Alternating CurrentPunching in Robo Rage Mode shocks enemies, doing extra damage over time.900 Gold
Heavy HandsTraptanium Punches do more damage.1200 Gold
High Voltage Path
Static ClingSpark Shock attack sticks to enemies, doing damage over time.1700 Gold
Hands Off!Getting hit by an enemy automatically releases a wave of electric sparks.2200 Gold
Sparking InterestConstantly release electric sparks in Robo Rage Mode.3000 Gold
Out-RAGE-ous Path
Jolting JabPunching in Robo Rage Mode creates static bursts, which damage other enemies.1700 Gold
Defense Firmware UpdateTake less damage while in Robo Rage Mode.2200 Gold
Punch For PowerStay in Robo Rage Mode longer by landing punches.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Hypercharged HaymakerHold Attack 3 to charge up a powerful, electromagnetic punch.4000 Gold

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