Tread Head

Tread Head
"Tread and Shred!"

As an orphan from the Dizzying Dunes, Tread Head had always dreamed of racing. And after a summer of scavenging for parts, he finally managed to build a bike that would allow him to enter the local racing circuit. The other competitors laughed at the crudeness of his work, but Tread Head had built it for performance, not for style. So when the race began, he jumped out to a commanding lead. But as he entered a canyon, he suddenly found himself at a roadblock – of Goblin troops! Knowing the other racers were in danger, he pulled off the road and kicked up so much dust that the Goblins had no choice but to flee, allowing the other racers to pass safely. Tread Head may have lost the race that day, but he earned the respect of Master Eon, who would see to it that Tread Head would tread on evil wherever he goes!

Tread Head is a new Core Tech Skylander for Trap Team. He will be part of Wave 2 released Skylanders for Trap Team.

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Power Play: Tread Head


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:50  Max Health270
Defense: 50  Speed85
Speed:170  Armor18
Luck:90  Critical Hit20
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
WheeliePress Attack 1 to speed up and pop a wheelie right through enemies.Free
Backfire BlastPress Attack 2 to shoot enemies behind you with backfire from your cycle.Free
Pedal to the MetalPerform the Wheelie attack for longer.500 Gold
Spin Out!Press Attack 3 for a spin attack - any damage you take while spinning is cut in half.700 Gold
Tread HeavilyBigger treads equals bigger damage from the Wheelie attack.900 Gold
Kick Up Some DustSpin Out attack does extra damage around a larger area. Prerequisite: Spin Out!1200 Gold
Drag Racer Path
Spike a WheelieSpiked wheels make Wheelie attack do extra damage.1700 Gold
Go Out With a BangShoot out a massive backfire during the last stage of a Wheelie.2200 Gold
Burning RubberLeave a fire trail during the last stages of a Wheelie.3000 Gold
Pavement Peeler Path
Eat My DustEnemies hit by the Spin Out attack are slowed down by a dust cloud.1700 Gold
Spray it, Don't Say itIn Wheelie Mode, make tight turns to spray enemies with dirt and rocks.2200 Gold
Fire SpinSpin Out attack goes so fast that it sets the ground on fire.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Rocket BoostOnce you hit maximum speed in Wheelie Mode, press Attack 3 to rocket boost off of a ramp. 4000 Gold

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