Fist Bump

Fist Bump
"Knock Knock...Too Late!"

Fist Bump had long been the sleeping protector of the Bubbling Bamboo Forest, but awoke from a long hibernation when a horde of nasty purple Greebles arrived with gigantic rock-smashing machines. Intent on building a new base, their machines wreaked havoc – chewing up the land and spitting out billowing clouds of smoke into the enchanted air. Seeing this, he was furious. Using his enormous stone fists, he hammered the ground with all his strength, creating a massive earthquake that sent huge shockwaves towards the Greeble camp. This reduced the machines to mere scrap and sent the Greebles running off in a panic. The act of bravery caught the attention of Terrafin, who brought Fist Bump to meet Master Eon. Now as a Skylander, Fist Bump makes evil quake wherever he goes!

Fist Bump is a new Earth element Core Skylander for Skylanders Trap Team. He was released as part of the Wave 2 figures for Skylanders for Trap Team.

Fist Bump - Review

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Meet Fist Bump w/Brawl and Chain

Power Play: Fist Bump


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:80  Max Health280
Defense: 180  Speed60
Speed:50  Armor30
Luck:50  Critical Hit20
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Panda PoundPress Attack 1 to smash the ground and also activate Fault Lines.Free
Fault Line SlamPress Attack 2 to slam the ground so hard, it creates Fault Lines.Free
Seismic SlidePress Attack 3 to slide across the ground and ram into enemies.500 Gold
PanquakePanda Pound attack creates mini fault cracks and performing it in the air creates Fault Lines.700 Gold
Hold the LineFault Lines travel further and farther.900 Gold
Don't Bump Fist BumpAll Fault Lines are automatically activated when you take damage.1200 Gold
Rowdy Ricther Path
Fault Lines in Glass HousesWhen Fault Lines are activated, some of them shoot stones at enemies.1700 Gold
Quake 'n' BakeActivated Fault Lines are more powerful and do extra damage.2200 Gold
A Bolder BoulderWhen Fault Lines are activated, some shoot spikey boulders at enemies.3000 Gold
Bamboo Bonanza Path
Healing BambooWhen Fault Lines are activated, some of them spawn bamboo. Slide into them to regain HP.1700 Gold
Bamboo HarvestPerform a Panda Pound in the air and bamboo plants explode, damaging enemies.2200 Gold
Jump For It!Can perform a Panda Pound in the air much quicker and create an extra Fault Line.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Riding the RailsWalking creates Fault Lines and mini fault cracks.4000 Gold

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