Fist Bump – Skylander Review

Fist Bump – Skylander Review

Fist Bump Skylander ReviewFist Bump is a new Earth core Skylander making his debut in Trap Team. He used to be the sleeping protector of the Bubbling Bamboo Forest. However, he awoke when a bunch of purple Greebles came to build a new base in the forest. The Greebles used huge rock-smashing machines that cleared out the forest and chewed up the land. This made Fist Bump furious, so he used his enormous stone fists and hammered the ground with all of his strength. This created a massive earthquake that sent shockwaves towards the Greebles. This destroyed the Greebles machines and the Greebles ran off in a panic. Terrafin noticed this act of bravery and brought Fist Bump to Master Eon who made him a Skylander.

Fist bump is immediately an interesting character to look at. He is small and roundish and is covered in spikes. He has two gigantic round fists that are also covered in spikes. He is part light gray and part dark grey and doesn’t really have a common look. He is actually supposed to be some kind of Panda, but upon closer inspection, he looks like a cross between a turtle, a troll, and a living rock. You can see that his underside and arms and legs have a pink tint to them and there is a clear separation between this underside and what looks to be a very spiky turtle shell. His arms look like they could retract into his shell at least until his huge spike filled fists. Maybe he camouflages himself as a rock? His face has coloring around the eyes like a panda, but he looks more like a troll with the common two bottom fangs coming out of his mouth. He also has two devilish horns coming out of his head which is also curious. He is another extremely durable character. His feet are well attached to the base and his thick arms and non-existent neck leave no discernible breakpoints. Dare I say, he is build like a rock. He is a fascinating looking figure and one that is sure to peek your interest when he is on the store shelf.

On the battlefield you might expect Fist Bump to be a little slow, and at first he is. But after the Seismic Slide upgrade, he’ll gain a dash attack that is fast enough to get him out of danger. Initially I Fist Bump - Skylander Review SSwasn’t too impressed with Fist Bump. His attacks seemed ordinary, with heavy punching and ground slams. But now that he leveled up, he is actually quite a different character. In fact I would say, he is at his best when he isn’t directly attacking anybody. The Seismic Slide is the only attack that is actually physically attacking the enemy by ramming them. All of Fist Bumps other attacks are aimed at the ground. By creating fault cracks and fault lines, most of Fist Bump’s attack damage come when those fault lines hit another enemy or when they are activated by pounding the ground. The more fault lines you can create the more damage you will deal. We chose the Rowdy Richter upgrade path and it adds shooting stones to the fault lines when they are activated. It’s incredibly powerful and can deal a lot of damage in a wide area even when Fist Bump is no where near. All Fist Bump needs to do, is to pound the ground from somewhere, and all of the fault lines will activate dealing it’s massive damage. By the time Fist Bump is fully upgraded, he will be creating fault lines with almost anything he does including walking, thanks to the Soul Gem upgrade.

Overall Fist Bump is a lot of fun to use. Once you get him upgraded and realize he’s not a character that should be in the middle of a fight then it’s just a matter of laying fault lines and hitting the attack button. He doesn’t have a lot of complicated attacks, no combos, no mode switching, so he really is a pretty simple character to play with. He also makes an excellent character to use in co-op. He can provide a lot of support to a more direct attacking player and he never really needs to get to close to the enemies. The only downside to Fist Bump is that he doesn’t appear to different or powerful in the early levels. It takes some time and understanding before the fault lines become a powerful attack. Be sure to watch our video review if you want to see how those fully upgraded fault lines can work.

SkylanderNutts gives Fist Bump…

9 out of 10

Fist Bump Video Review

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