Love Potion Pop Fizz on Store Shelves

Love Potion Pop Fizz on Store ShelvesLias and I were at our local Target today. As tradition we always stroll through the Skylanders aisle. To our pleasant surprise, we saw a new Skylander that we didn’t have. It was Love Potion Pop Fizz. He is a series 3 special paint variant of Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz. Now, I knew he would be out for Valentine’s Day, but I did expect him almost last minute. That seems to be how the special paint Skylanders get released. I checked the online websites of several retailers but none of them show the character yet. Like I said before we found him at Target, but he could also be at Toys R Us and maybe Best Buy. If not, I would expect them to show up soon. Typically these special paint Skylanders stick around anywhere from a few days to a month or two. I think holiday one’s typically can be found for a month. I still see Winterfest Lob Star in the wild. So if you don’t find him in the next day or two, don’t give up hope.

Happy hunting!

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