Dark Food Fight

Dark Food Fight
"Eat This!"

Food Fight does more than just play with his food, he battles with it! This tough little Veggie Warrior is the byproduct of a troll food experiment gone wrong. When the Troll Farmers Guild attempted to fertilize their soil with gunpowder, they got more than a super snack – they got an all-out Food Fight! Rising from the ground, he led the neighborhood Garden Patrol to victory. Later, he went on to defend his garden home against a rogue army of gnomes after they attempted to wrap the Asparagus people in bacon! His courage caught the eye of Master Eon, who decided that this was one veggie lover he needed on his side as a valued member of the Skylanders. When it comes to Food Fight, it’s all you can eat for evil!

Dark Food Fight is a new Life Core Skylander for Skylanders Trap Team. He is the special variant of Food Fight and comes with the Special Dark Edition Starter Pack and will be available on October 5th in Wave 1 when the game is released.

Food Fight and Dark Food Fight Video Review

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Power Play: Dark Food Fight


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:70  Max Health260
Defense: 70  Speed60
Speed:100  Armor18
Luck:180  Critical Hit30
  Elemental Power46


All Attacks
Tomato LauncherPress Attack 1 to launch exploding tomatoes.Free
Blooms of DoomPress Attack 2 to plant artichoke traps, which also explode!Free
Extra Ripe TomatoesTomatoes do more damage.500 Gold
Green ThumbTomatoes that hit the ground grow into plants. Collect them for more powerful shots.700 Gold
Zucchini BlastPress Attack 3 to deliver a Zucchini Blast. Does heavy damage over a wide area.900 Gold
Blooms of Bigger DoomBlooms of Doom make bigger explosions.1200 Gold
Tomatologist Path
Heavy HarvestTomatoes picked up from plants are bigger and do even MORE damage.1700 Gold
Heirboom TomatoesDetonate Tomato Plants with a Zucchini Blast.2200 Gold
Bad AftertasteEnemies damaged by exploding Tomato plants will take damage over time. Prerequisite: Heirboom Tomatoes.3000 Gold
Bloomer and Boomer Path
Special SquashHold Attack 3 to charge up the Zucchini Blast for extra damage.1700 Gold
Zucchini GooEnemies hit by the Zucchini Blast are slowed down.2200 Gold
Choke ChainBlooms of Doom detonate each other.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
That's How I RollHold Attack 1 to charge up a Super Tomato, release Attack 1 to ride it and run over enemies.4000 Gold

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