Food Fight and Dark Food Fight – Skylander Review

Food Fight and Dark Food Fight – Skylander Review

Food Fight and Dark Food Fight - Skylander ReviewFood Fight is a new Life core Skylander making his debut in Skylanders Trap Team. He comes packaged with the console versions of the game but not the 3DS version. He also has a Dark variant called Dark Food Fight which is packaged with the special Dark Edition starter pack of Skylanders Trap Team. Food Fight is the result of a troll food experiment gone wrong. When the Troll Farmers Guild tried to fertilize their soil with gunpowder they got quite the surprise. Food Fight rose from the ground. One day when a rogue army of gnomes tried to wrap the Asparagus people in bacon, Food Fight defended his home garden by fighting off the gnomes with his Tomato Launcher and Zucchini Blast add-on. He showed that he does more than just play with his food, he battles with it! Master Eon decided that Food Fight was one veggie lover he needed on his side so he made him a Skylander.

Food Fight is part artichoke and part troll. He is green and round and has artichoke leaf spikes coming out of his head like hair. YouFood Fight and Dark Food Fight - Skylander Review can tell that he is part troll if you look close enough at his mouth. He has the classic troll bottom tooth fangs that all trolls seem to have. He wields a rather large gun called the Tomato Launcher which you can see is fully loaded with ripe tomatoes. He even holds one of those tomatoes in his hand, so he can quickly reload. What his character doesn’t show is the gun’s Zucchini Blast upgrade which he can use to blast enemies with Zucchini. Unfortunately, Food Fight is one raw veggie as he has no armor to speak of. The alternate version Dark Food Fight is in the same pose as the regular Food Fight, however he is colored black instead of green, and has silver tipped leaf-spikes on his head. He looks slightly more menacing in these colors. Regardless of which version you choose, both have the same attacks.

Food Fight’s main attack is his Tomato Launcher. He fires tomatoes that explode on contact. It’s a ranged attack, but the range isn’t that great and the damage also seems rather low. He can also plant Blooms of Doom, which are artichoke traps that explode after a few seconds. These explosions do some significant damage. After an upgrade, Food Fight can add a Zucchini Blast to his Tomato Launcher. This will allow for some wide short ranged damage. It’s supposed to do heavy damage, but I found that it’s not much stronger than the Tomato Launcher. It does have a wider range, but it’s much like a shotgun and does not have much distance at all. It does knock back enemies though, so even if it takes a few blasts to wipe out an enemy, you can at least give yourself some time to get into a better position. Food fight has the typical upgrades that increase the damage done by tomatoes and the Blooms of Doom attacks, but there is another upgrade that will make missed tomato shots to grow into plants. You then have to collect the tomatoes from these plants for a more powerful shot. It’s a lot of work to go out of your way to get a plant just to add a few more points of damage. Eventually you will just ignore the plants and hope to get lucky by running over them once in a while while in a tense fire fight.

For Food Fight’s upgrade paths, you can either choose to increase the Tomato Launcher attacks or the Blooms of Doom attacks. However, each path has two of the three Food Fight and Dark Food Fight - Skylander Review SSupgrades enhancing the Zucchini Blast, so don’t expect much of an upgrade for the main attacks. I prefer the Bloomer and Boomer path which upgrades the Blooms of Doom because I think that is his best attack. In this path, there is an upgrade called Choke Chain will allow multiple Blooms of Doom to detonate each other. This allows for a slightly wider area of effect when you can place multiple Blooms of Doom quickly. You also get an upgrade to the Zucchini Blast where you can charge it up for extra damage, and another upgrade where the enemies hit by the Zucchini Blast are slowed down. If you choose the Tomatologist path then you’ll get an upgrade to the damage done by the tomatoes you pick up off of the plants. You will also be able to detonate those tomatoes on the plants by using the Zucchini Blast, and enemies damaged by those tomato plant explosions will take more damage over time. Food Fight’s Soul Gem ability is called That’s How I Roll. He can create a Super Tomato which he can stand on and run over enemies. It’s much like using Rocky Roll, but the ability takes a while to activate and doesn’t last for long. You can often find yourself stuck in the middle of a group of enemies that you were trying to roll over when the ability wears off.

Overall Food Fight just doesn’t seem like a very useful Skylander. His ranged attacks aren’t as far or as strong as most other Skylander’s ranged attacks. The Zucchini Blast doesn’t do much more damage than a regular tomato shot and takes longer to reload. Even the soul gem ability takes a long time to activate and doesn’t last very long. Throw in the fact that he has very little armor, and gets damaged easily and he is a rather hard Skylander to use. The best thing about Food Fight is his Blooms of Doom attack, which can do considerable damage when they are correctly placed. Food Fight just borders on mediocre. He’s not a Skylander that you will ever want to go to when in a tough situation. He certainly can take out some enemies, but he’s defiantly going to need some help from his other Skylander friends. If he didn’t already come with the game, then he would not be a recommended pick up. Your time is better spent using other Skylanders.

SkylanderNutts gives Food Fight and Dark Food Fight…

4.0 out of 10

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