Trigger Snappy

Trigger Snappy
"No Gold, No Glory!"

Trigger Snappy was one of the four special “sidekick” characters released by Activision through their first promotion with Frito-Lay. He is the miniature of Trigger Happy. Fans who collected UPC symbols from specially marked bags of Frito-Lay 20-count variety packs, could send away for these side kicks for just a few dollars shipping. The character is NOT a controllable Skylander in game, but will show up in all three games to fight next to one of the main characters when placed on the portal. He is treated more like a magic item where he supports any other character that the player is using. Unlike magic items, a sidekick does not expire after a time limit.

The green base Trigger Snappy can now only be obtained used or through a reseller, however a red base Trigger Snappy will be re-released for Skylanders Trap Team.

Trigger Snappy and 15 other minis will also become playable in Trap Team. Trigger Snappy will be available at launch with Wave 1 Skylanders and will be sold in a Mini Two Pack with DroBit

Meet Trigger Snappy w/Chill Bill (Trap Team)

Power Play: Trigger Snappy


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:60  Max Health200
Defense: 20  Speed70
Speed:110  Armor30
Luck:160  Critical Hit50
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Golden PistolsPress Attack 1 to shoot rapid fire coins out of both Golden Pistols.Free
Lob Golden SafePress Attack 2 to lob golden safes at your enemies.Free
Golden Super ChargeHold Attack 1 to charge up your Golden Pistols, then release to fire a bullet that does extra damage.500 Gold
Pot O'GoldThrow a Pot of Gold, which deals increased damage.700 Gold
Golden Mega ChargeCharge up your Golden Pistols longer to do even MORE damage.900 Gold
Golden Machine GunHold Attack 3 to activate Golden Machine Gun and swivel its aim using the left control stick.1200 Gold
Golden Frenzy Path
Happiness is a Golden GunGolden Pistols deal increased damage.1700 Gold
Bouncing BulletsGolden Pistol's bullets bounce off walls.2200 Gold
Golden Yamato BlastCharge up your Golden Pistols even longer to do maximum damage. Prerequisite: Happiness is a Golden Gun.3000 Gold
Golden Money Bags Path
Just Throwing Money AwayLob attack has longer range.1700 Gold
CoinsplosionLob attacks explode in a shower of damaging coins.2200 Gold
Heads or TailsToss a giant coin that deals extra damage. If it lands on heads, it turns into a mine, damaging enemies that touch it.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Infinite AmmoGolden Machine Gun has unlimited Ammo.4000 Gold

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