"Guts and Glory!"

Gusto was once a cloud wrangler in the peaceful Thunderclap Kingdom, where he learned to master the wind under the guidance of the mysterious Cloud Dragon. But a day came when a fleet of dragon hunters appeared on the horizon, seeking to capture the fabled creature. Despite the danger, Gusto stepped forward to defend it. The hunters could see that he was not a soldier and didn’t even have a real weapon – just a “curved stick.” However, he was no coward! And, throwing his large boomerang, Gusto hit his surprised opponents again and again – until the hunters surrendered and were forced to retreat. For standing up for himself and protecting the Cloud Dragon, Gusto was given a new Traptanium Boomerang and made part of the Trap Team!

Gusto is a new Air Trap Master for Skylanders Trap Team. He will be included with the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders Trap Team. He will also be available separately at launch with the Wave 1 release Skylanders.

Gusto Video Review

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Meet Gusto w/Chill Bill


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:130  Max Health400
Defense: 130  Speed60
Speed:80  Armor30
Luck:170  Critical Hit50
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Traptanium BoomerangPress Attack 1 to throw a Traptanium Boomerang.Free
InhalerPress Attack 2 to inhale enemies and press Attack 2 again to spit them out.Free
The Breath of LifeRegain HP by inhaling enemies.500 Gold
Twistin' in the WindPress Attack 3 to spin around and whack enemies with the boomerang.700 Gold
Electro-rangHold Attack 1 to charge up the Traptanium Boomerang attack.900 Gold
Lots of LungpowerCan inhale more enemies at a time.1200 Gold
Air Ace Path
Boom-ErangTraptanium Boomerang and Electro-Rang do more damage.1700 Gold
Rang Me Like a HurricaneTraptanium Boomerang attack creates mini hurricanes.2200 Gold
Boomerang BuddiesBoomerang attack releases additional rangs that orbit and protect Gusto.3000 Gold
Dizzy Destroyer Path
Spin Like The WindCan perform Twistin' in the Wind attack for longer and spawn mini hurricanes.1700 Gold
Shocking TwistTwistin' in the Wind attack electrocutes enemies.2200 Gold
Lightning BallHold Attack 3 to turn into an unstoppable Lightning Ball.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Boomerangs 4 BreakfastInhale a Traptanium Boomerang in the air for a super-powered attack.4000 Gold

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