"Fear the Dark!"

Hijinx is the mini version of Hex. Mini's were originally created for a Frito-Lay contest at the tail end of the release of Spyro's Adventure. There was a second contest during the Giants game which added 4 more Giants minis. No mini's were released with Skylanders Swap Force, but starting in the 4th game Trap Team, the mini's were re-released with red bases and became playable in the Trap Team game.

Hijinx is one of the new minis created for Skylanders Trap Team. She is one of 16 minis that will be playable in Trap Team. She will be sold with Eye Small in a mini two pack with Wave 1 released Skylanders.

Meet Hijinx w/ Chill Bill (Trap Team)

Power Play: Hijinx


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:60  Max Health270
Defense: 70  Speed60
Speed:110  Armor18
Luck:110  Critical Hit30
  Elemental Power60


All Attacks
Conjure Phantom OrbPress Attack 1 to launch magic orbs of spectral energy that track Hijinx's foes.Free
Rain of SkullsHold Attack 2 to begin casting this spell. When full charged, release and ghostly skulls rain down on Hijinx's enemies.Free
Wall of BonesPress Attack 3 to create a Wall of Bones to protect Hijinx.500 Gold
Storm of SkullsConjure up to four skulls with your Skull Rain attack.700 Gold
Bone FortressThe Wall of Bones is larger and takes more damage to destroy. Prerequisite: Wall of Bones900 Gold
Twice the OrbagePress Attack 1 to shoot two Phantom Orbs at once.1200 Gold
Shade Master Path
Long Distance OrbsHold Attack 1 to increase the range of your Phantom Orbs.1700 Gold
Caustic Phantom OrbsPhantom Orbs do increased damage.2200 Gold
Unstable Phantom OrbsPhantom Orbs explode, damaging nearby enemies.3000 Gold
Bone Crafter Path
Compound FractureWall of Bones damages any enemy that touches it.1700 Gold
Master CasterTakes much less time to cast Skull Rain and Wall of Bones.2200 Gold
Troll SkullsSkull Rain does increased damage.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Skull ShieldSkull Rain knocks away enemies and attacks.4000 Gold

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