Some Wave 3 Characters Released at Toys R Us

Some of the Wave 3 Wave 3 Dune Bugcharacters of Skylanders Swap Force have been released at Toys R Us as of 12/22. I went to a couple stores and saw a total of five newly released Skylanders. All of them were core characters, and only one of those was a brand new series one character. These are the five characters that I’ve seen:

Dune Bug
Hyper Beam Prism Break
Phantom Cynder
Horn Blast Whirlwind

There may be more characters out there, but I have not seen any different ones in the Toys R Us commercials and advertisements that I’ve seen. I’m sure more of Wave 3 will hit the shelves after Christmas, but these may be the only ones you can grab before Christmas.

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Jolly Bumble Blast Released

Jolly Bumble BlastThe special variant of Bumble Blast was released on 12/8/2013. He can be found at most retailers. I have seen him at Target and Best Buy. He retails for $9.99. So far Bumble Blast is one of my favorites of the Swap Force generation, so Jolly Bumble Blast comes highly recommended from us here at I wouldn’t wait too long as these special variants tend to only last a few days in the stores. At least the exclusive one’s have in the past. Hopefully they made a few more of this one for the Christmas season.

Don’t forget you can also take advantage of Best Buy’s Buy 2 Swap Force Characters get 1 Free sale going on now through the 14th of December.



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Skylanders Collection Vault

Skylanders_Collection_Vault_smA new official Skylanders app has been released on the iPad and newer iPhones. Released on 11/26/13, the Skylanders Collection Vault is a free app that allows you to track your Skylander Collection. Unfortunately it does not work with the blue tooth portal that the other games on the iPad work with. This means you will have to either get out your codes that came with your Skylanders, or find the code in the character screen of your Skylanders game. The app allows you to browse videos, images, stats and back story of every Skylander you own. There is also a pretty cool and detailed 360 degree virtual character you can inspect. The app also lets you build a wish list to share with family and friends. It’s a pretty cool app to keep track of your collection, and the kids love playing the voice clips, listening to the music, watching videos and reading the background stories of all the characters. It really is worth the effort if you have little ones that loves Skylanders.

You can visit the official Skylander page here: or find it in iTunes.

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