Cobra Cadabra

Cobra Cadabra
"Charmed and Ready!"

Though Cobra Cadabra was an assistant to The Great Mabuni, a traveling magician that performed all over Skylands, he wanted more than anything to become a magician himself. Unfortunately, the guild of Mysteriously Mad Magic Masters of Mystery, who for centuries taught all of the greatest magicians, would not permit it. And so Mabuni decided to teach the cobra himself, even through it was forbidden. They studied everything together, from vanishing acts to snake charming. But when the guild discovered this, they sent a team of magic rabbit enforcers to punish them both. Although the beastly hares were the most powerful of their kind in Skylands, Cobra Cadabra remained brave. Playing an enchanted tune on his flute, he used what he had learned to cast a spell over the rabbits and lead them away. Upon hearing this, this guild was impressed by such a display of skill, and accepted the snake charmer as a member. Soon after, Cobra Cadabra was made a member of another group – the Skylanders!

Cobra Cadabra is a new Magic Core Skylander for Trap Team. He has a special colored variant which is exclusive to GameStop called King Cobra Cadabra.

Meet Cobra Cadabra w/Brawl and Chain


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:60  Max Health290
Defense: 120  Speed70
Speed:70  Armor36
Luck:130  Critical Hit40
  Elemental Power46


All Attacks
Magic FlutePress Attack 1 to musically blast enemies with your Magic Pungi Flute.Free
Cobra BasketPress Attack 2 to lob Cobra Baskets, which damage nearby enemies to the beat.Free
Keep the Beat!Magic Flute attack does more damage when played to the beat to the music.500 Gold
Launch Cobra!Press Attack 3 to launch forward out of the basket, damaging anything in your path.700 Gold
Basket PartyCan have up to 10 Cobra Baskets active at once.900 Gold
Pungi PowerMagic Flute attack travels further and does more damage.1200 Gold
Concerto Cobra Path
Reverb RiffMagic Flute music notes bounce off walls and enemies and can do extra damage.1700 Gold
Ultimate Flute RockMagic Flute attack does maximum damage.2200 Gold
Snake Charmer's SoloHold Attack 1 to play and enchanting song that charms enemies to fight for your cause.3000 Gold
Master of Baskets Path
Basket QuintetThrow five Cobra Baskets at once.1700 Gold
Call and ResponseShoot Cobra Baskets with your Magic Flute to power them up.2200 Gold
A Tisket, A TasketHold Attack 2 to detonate all active Cobra Baskets.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Big Basket BombPress Attack 3 to launch into active Cobra Baskets to create a massive explosion.4000 Gold

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