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Trap Team Micro Comics Forgetting FlynnThis year IDW has teamed up with Activision and Skylanders to create Micro Comics. These Comic are sold in Micro Comic Fun Packs and can be found in Gamestop and your local comic book store. Toys R Us also sells these packs but their comics focus around the Legendary versions of the Skylanders and also come packaged with a Legendary Trap. All of the Micro Comic Fun Packs come with 1 Micro Comic, 1 Micro Poster and 1 Standee. The packs at Gamestop were priced at $2.99 each, and at Toys R Us they are $9.99 with the Legendary Trap.

Trap Team Micro Comics Jawbreaker with Trap



The first three comics were released in October at Gamestop and include:
Mini But Mighty (Trigger Happy)
Welcome to Skylander Academy (Stealth Elf)
Forgetting Flynn (Spyro)

The next three comics were released in November at Toys R Us and include:
Deja Vu (with Legendary Water Jughead Trap)
Blades (with Legendary Undead Orb Trap)
Jawbreaker (wtih Legendary Undead Skull Trap)

More Micro Comic Fun Packs are expected in the future. Check back regularly as we will update this page when we know more.

Micro Comic Fun Pack Unwrapping





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