"Boom Time!"

Ka-Boom hails from an ancient volcanic island known as Munitions Forge, where he and his people crafted machinery that was used all throughout Skylands. But the ruthless Captain Ironbeard wanted the forge for himself so he could build an unstoppable pirate armada. With a fleet of pirate ships approaching, he went to work, creating the greatest anti-pirate weapon ever forged – The Boom Cannon! When Ironbeard arrived with his invaders, Ka-Boom met them at the edge of the docks with his cannon lowered, still smoldering red hot from having just come out of the fire. One by one, he sank their ships until Captain Ironbeard finally retreated. Now as a valued member of the Trap Team, he uses his Red Hot Traptanium Cannon to blast evil in the broadsides!

Ka-Boom is a new Fire Trap Master for Skylanders Trap Team. No release date has been given.

Meet Ka-Boom w/Chill Bill


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:240  Max Health250
Defense: 50  Speed60
Speed:90  Armor12
Luck:160  Critical Hit80
  Elemental Power39


All Attacks
Traptanium CannonballsPress Attack 1 to shoot Traptanium Cannonballs.Free
Cannon JumpPress Attack 2 to blast the ground and leap towards an enemy, leaving a big explosion.Free
JumpquakeCannon Jump now creates an earthquake that damages nearby enemies over time.500 Gold
Mortor StrikePress Attack 3 to fire exploding cannonballs into the air, Hold Attack 3 to aim your shot.700 Gold
The Long RangerIncreases the range of the Mortor Strike attack.900 Gold
Cannon ChargeHold Attack 1 to charge up the cannon and release to fire a more powerful Traptanium Cannonball.1200 Gold
Cannonball Runner Path
Bouncing BallsTraptanium Cannonballs ricochet off of walls.1700 Gold
Super Bouncing BallsTraptanium Cannonballs bounce between enemies.2200 Gold
Triple ShotShoot 3 Traptanium Cannonballs at once.3000 Gold
Jumping Juggernaut Path
Fire FlyScorch all enemies in the path of Ka-Boom's Cannon Jump1700 Gold
Big AirCannon Jump has a greater area of effect and stuns enemies.2200 Gold
Triple JumpCan do 3 Cannon Jump attacks in a row without having to rest.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Missile RainMortor Strike attack now rains down fiery Traptanium Missiles.4000 Gold

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