Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer
"The Mane Event!"

Trail Blazer was always hot tempered, especially when he saw anything as being unfair. One day, he came across another unicorn that was trapped in a net. But it wasn’t just any unicorn. It was the mythical Unocorn – a magical creature with a Churro Horn that sprinkled enchanted cinnamon throughout Skylands. Trail Blazer freed it at once. Soon after, the Dark Wizards who had set the trap returned, and were very angry to find their dastardly deed had been thwarted. But Trail Blazer was much more fired up – for it turned out the spicy cinnamon from the Churro Horn had somehow rubbed off on him and mixed with his elemental fire. So he was literally set ablaze with fury! He then ran fiery circles around the wizards, forcing them to flee and never return. After realizing his newfound fury could be used to fight evil everywhere, Trail Blazer sought out the Skylanders, who immediately welcomed him as a member.

Trail Blazer is a new Fire Core Skylander for Trap Team.

Trail Blazer Video Review

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Meet Trail Blazer w/Chill Bill


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:100  Max Health270
Defense: 100  Speed85
Speed:140  Armor18
Luck:40  Critical Hit30
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
FireballPress Attack 1 to shoot Fireballs.Free
Roundhouse KickPress Attack 2 to deliver a Roundhouse Kick.Free
Bring the HeatFireball attacks does extra damage.500 Gold
Stampede!Press Attack 3 for a charge attack, shooting fire out of your horn.700 Gold
Bucking BroncoHold Attack 2 to go into Bucking Bronco Mode, kicking in every direction.900 Gold
Fuel the FireAll attacks do extra damage.1200 Gold
Flaming Forms Path
Flaming FormsTwo flaming forms accompany you during the Stampede attack.1700 Gold
FirewalkerStampede attack leaves behind a trail of fiery footprints that damage enemies.2200 Gold
Triple FireballsShoot three Fireballs at a time.3000 Gold
Fireballer Path
Kick It Up a NotchRoundhouse Kick and Bucking Bronco attacks have increased power and duration.1700 Gold
Bouncing FireballsFireballs now bounce along the ground and travel further.2200 Gold
Not His 1st RodeoHold Attack 2 to stay in Bucking Bronco Mode for longer and kick up extra flame dust.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Heat WaveHold Attack 1 to charge up the Fireball attack, then release for a wave of fire.4000 Gold

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