Mind Over Matter!"

Blastermind was once the “hide and sheep” champion of the Sardonic Mountains, where he and his friends played regularly. But when he was about to set a new Skylands record, the ground collapsed and he fell into a deep, mysterious cavern filled with shimmering crystals. As his friends circled the hole up top, they suddenly found themselves face to face with a dangerous Ham Dragon, who had felt the rumble of the collapse. Down below, Blastermind felt helpless. But fortunately, the cavern was filled with Psionic Power Crystals once used by the Ancients to amplify their thoughts. When the crystals “heard” Blastermind’s worried thoughts about saving his friends, they found him worthy – and bestowed upon him awesome psionic powers, which he used to get out of the hole and mentally blast the circling Ham Dragon. Soon after, he joined the Skylanders as part of the Trap Team, using his new Traptanium Psionic Helmet to fight evil everywhere!

Blastermind is a new Magic Trap Master for Skylanders Trap Team. He was released with Wave 3 figures and was the first Magic Trap Master to be released.

Blastermind Video Review

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Meet Blastermind w/Brawl and Chain

Power Play: Blastermind


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:170  Max Health240
Defense: 60  Speed70
Speed:160  Armor30
Luck:150  Critical Hit50
  Elemental Power39


All Attacks
BrainwavesPress Attack 1 to blast nearby enemies with powerful Brainwaves.Free
LevitationPress Attack 2 to levitate enemies and smash them to the ground.Free
Tasty WavesHold Attack 1 to use the Brainwave attack for a longer duration.500 Gold
Brain FreezePress Attack 3 to create energy balls that slow enemies down.700 Gold
Brain StormHold Attack 1 to charge up the Brainwave attack, and release for a super-powered Brain Storm. Prerequisite: Tasty Waves.900 Gold
Down to EarthLevitated enemies damage other nearby foes during the smashdown.1200 Gold
Mentalist Path
Mind ControlHold Attack 3 to create an energy ball that takes control of enemies' minds.1700 Gold
The More the MerrierLevitation Field passes through enemies and can levitate multiple foes. Prerequisite: Mind Control.2200 Gold
Mind BlownMind-Controlled enemies damage others after going back to normal.3000 Gold
Psychokinetic Path
Brain BlowoutPress Attack 1 near levitating enemies for a massive knockback.1700 Gold
Remote ControlHold Attack 2 to charge up the Levitation attack and control enemies you levitate.2200 Gold
Mind MashWhile levitating an enemy, press Attack 1, Attack 2 or Attack 3 to slam them down repeatedly. Prerequisite: Remote Control.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Lock Puzzle PhychicHold Attack 2 to charge up Levitation attack and shoot Lock Puzzles with it to solve them instantly. 4000 Gold

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