Lob Star
"Star Bright, Star Fight!"

Hailing from the depths of the undersea kingdom of Star City, Lob-Star was the head chef of his own five-star restaurant, often cooking for the King Fish himself. However, few knew that he had secretly been training in a mysterious art of fighting known only to a few crustaceans. For a while, he was able to keep the peace while still keeping his hidden identity. But when a giant Leviathan threatened to swallow up his guests and capture the King Fish himself, he had no choice but to swim into action. Calling on every trick his mysterious training had taught him, Lob-Star defeated the Leviathan and drove it out of Star City. For risking everything, he was recruited by Master Eon to join the Skylanders. Now, as part of the Trap Team, he uses his powerful Traptanium Throwing Stars to serve up defeat to anyone who threatens Skylands!

Lob-Star is a new Water Trap Master set to appear in Skylanders Trap Team. He is part of Wave 2 characters for Trap Team and has one other special variant called Winterfest Lob-Star.

Lob-Star and Winterfest Lob-Star Video Review

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Meet Lob-Star w/Chill Bill


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:100  Max Health240
Defense: 80  Speed60
Speed:200  Armor30
Luck:140  Critical Hit40
  Elemental Power46


All Attacks
StarshooterPress Attack 1 to shoot Traptanium Stars. Shoot faster when Boiled.Free
Boiling TemperPress Attack 2 to release a steam blast. Hold Attack 2 to boil up with rage, increasing speed and power.Free
Lob-Star RollPress Attack 3 to dash and evade attacks. Go faster and further while Boiled.500 Gold
Sharp ShotNew Traptanium Stars to increased damage.700 Gold
Boiling OverRelease steam while boiling to repel enemies. Tap Attack 2 to let off more steam.900 Gold
Lob-Star ExpressLob-Star Roll is faster and knocks away enemies. If Boiled, releases a steam blast afterwards. Prerequisite: Lob-Star Roll1200 Gold
Shooting Star Path
Super StarsWhile Boiled, Traptanium Stars do increased damage and cut through enemies.1700 Gold
Twice the StarpowerHold Attack 1 and release to shoot two Traptanium Stars at once.2200 Gold
Star DefenseHold Attack 1 longer to create more Traptanium Stars for protection. Prerequisite: Twice the Starpower3000 Gold
Hard Boiled Path
Getting Steamed!After getting hit by enemies, automatically release steam to damage them right back.1700 Gold
Self E-SteamAll steam abilities get stronger and consume less Boiling Power.2200 Gold
Full Steam AheadLeave a trail of damaging steam behind. Prerequisite: Self E-Steam3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
The BoilerImprove Boiling Temper attacks.4000 Gold

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